Do you know how to spot Fake News?

Fake News if an ever growing trend, and one which we all need to become more aware of.

Fake News: 4 quick checks
Childnet have put together a few quick tips for young people to help them distinguish
between fact and fiction.

Trust Me
Childnet has created a resource which is designed to support teachers in exploring
critical thinking online. The main aim of the resource is to educate young people
around inaccurate and pervasive information that they might come across online.

Reporting Online Content
Here is some advice for anyone concerned about how to report content and where to
go for other advice and support.

Features of the latest Snapchat update
Recently Snapchat released an update which saw the inclusion of new features
including limitless snaps and a video loop tool. Childnet look at these new features and
give advice for those who may be concerned.


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