Welcome to Reception! This is our first year at Hutton and we are very busy learning lots of new things through all of our wonderful play activities. We are very lucky to have 2 teachers; Mrs Gooch & Mrs Lovely. We also have many other adults in our class, including Mr Rourke, Miss Medland, Mrs Warner & Mrs Carpenter!

 Termly curriculum information                                                                                                        Learning through the year

Term 6 – In the first week of term we went to visit Farmer Nick at Lower Stock Farm. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed many activities including pond dipping, bug hunting and a trailer ride – and going on the coach was fun too! Thank you to the parents who were able to come with us.

We are continuing with our topic of ‘growth and change’ this term. We are learning about ourselves and what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy – the importance of hygiene, sleep, a balanced diet and exercise.

We will also spend time preparing the children for the transition to Year 1 and they will have plenty of opportunities to get to know their new class teacher.  At the very end of term we hope to be able to show the children their Year 1 classroom in the new building.

Term 5 – This term our learning is all about growing and changing and we are lucky enough to have lots of new life to watch grow and change. We have been looking after chick eggs, which have now started to hatch! It is so exciting and is inspiring us to read and write even more than we usually do. This is also a great way to help us develop our speaking skills.

Term 3 – Our learning has really moved forward greatly this term! Our writing and reading have all come on in leaps and bounds, making our teachers and parents really proud.

Lots of our learning has centered around animal stories, particularly Owl Babies, and we were luck enough to have a visit from Farmer Nick and one of his owls!

We have been so busy with all of our super learning, and have loved sharing it with so many parents during stay & play on Fridays!

Term 2 – Wow, what a busy and exciting time we have had in the run up to Christmas! For the first few weeks of term we have been busy learning new phonics sounds which we are now using to read and write. We are doing really well!

In the last few weeks of term we practised our Nativity play and performed it 3 times, to over 300 people in total! Mrs Lovely & Mrs Gooch were incredibly proud of our hard work. We really were super stars.

Term 1 – Our very first term in school! We have settled into school  really well and have already made lots of new friends and met lots of new people.

We have been having fun getting to know all of the different resources and areas we have in our big classroom. So far the home corner, sand and painting have been favourites!

When we are playing we are learning lots of new things – numbers, reading & writing are just a few of them.