Welcome to Reception! This is our first year at Hutton and we are very busy learning lots of new things through all of our wonderful play activities. We are very lucky to have 2 teachers; Mrs Gooch (Mon & Tues) & Mrs Lovely (Weds-Fri). We also have many other adults in our class, including Mr Rourke, Miss Baker, Mrs Warner & Mrs Carpenter!

 Termly curriculum information                                                                                                        Learning through the year

Term 5 – What a busy term we have had! All of our hard work throughout the year is really paying off, with our writing, reading and maths skills really improving.

During our role-play we had a great time pretending to be doctors and nurses. We bandaged lots of people up and showed how much we care for other people; poor Mrs Warner had many broken bones to look after!

In maths we have been using 10’s frames all year, and we can now use them to answer challenges such as ‘How many different ways can you make 10?’


Term 4 – What a busy term we have had in Reception! The ever changing weather provided us with so much outdoor fun. Whether we were playing in the snow or exploring the outdoor area in the sunshine, we have had a great time investigating the wonderful world we live in!

Lots of our work this term was about the book Supertato. We made our own Supertato characters and at the end of the term we wrote amazing superhero stories too!

We were also really lucky to have 2 days learning about Easter with our friends from Years 1 & 2. Together we made Easter cards and crafts, Easter chocolate nests, and learnt about the Christian Easter Story. It was great to work with different people and our teachers were very proud of our behaviour.

As always, we have been creating our own learning challenges whilst we are playing. Oliver S chose to create his own representation of the cave that Jesus’ body was put in, and Isabel decided to set up her own cafe and made a menu and took orders from other children!


Term 3 –  In Reception in Term 3 the children have enjoyed the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  First they listened to Michael Rosen telling the story and then retold it themselves using actions and instruments, and by walking through mud, water and grass in wellies.  In PE the children climbed over, under and through the large apparatus. The children learned how to represent the story on a story map and made up their own versions of the story – using their own ideas – and then finally, wrote their own stories!

Lots of children in Reception have been interested in playing schools, so the role play area has been turned into a mini classroom, complete with registers, green cards and phonics flashcards. Junk modelling has also been a strong interest this term which has led to some great independent writing about the models which were made.

Term 2 – wow, what a busy term we have had! we are fully into our learning through play, and have had lots of opportunity to get outside this term. We are developing our muscle strength and control ready to become amazing writers later in the year.

We looked at the book Jolly Snow, and learnt all about making sleighs which go really fast!

As it is Christmas, we have been getting ready to perform our Nativity play to our parents and friends. It is amazing, Mrs Lovely & Mrs Gooch are so proud of us! We have also been learning lots about the Nativity story and have been re-telling it during our small world play.

The highlight of the term was our Christmas Party! we changed into our party clothes, went to the hall and played games with our friends from year 1 & 2. Then we had party food! When we got back to the classroom, Santa had been to visit and left us all loads of presents because we’ve been so good!

Term 1 – we have made a brilliant start to school life! Our first term in school has been full of fun and excitement as we get to know our new friends and find our way around our beautiful new classroom.

We have been busy visiting the local park and St Mary’s Church. We are looking forward to working hard during Term 2.