School Closure – Year 1

Week 2

Hello Year 1:)

I hope you are all staying safe and being good! Are you enjoying learning from home and showing your parents how amazing you are with all your knowledge? It is important to keep practising those number bonds to 10 and 20 please and as always, I would like you to be reading daily as well as being read to. At school we try to read at least 2 or 3 stories a day don’t we, so it is important to try and keep this up at home. Snuggle up and enjoy those stories:)

Mrs Walker and I are missing you lots – we are enjoying seeing all your work on Purple Mash. You are doing very well – Keep up the good work!

This week I would like you to do the following please –

Quizizz – go to and enter the codes below to access the relevant quiz.

The Great Fire of London 067413

Everyday Materials 27004

Look at the following link for lots of online games to help you practice your phonics

Daily Maths please

There will be 1 lesson per day to complete please. You can either record your answers in your red books or can discuss with your mums or dads like you do with your talk partners at school. Parents – please make a note in the red books to say you have discussed the activities with your child if they do not record the answers. Thank you:)

DT – Please build a model of London, a house or St Paul’s Cathedral from 1666. You might use Lego or junk materials. Take a photograph or draw a picture if the model is too large to bring into school!Once you have made your model have a think about how you could make it even better next time and write a review of your model in your red exercise books for me.

Writing – In your red books, please write a story about an Orangutan who has an adventure. Remember to use a range of descriptive and wow words to make your story exciting for the reader. Please use your best handwriting and remember lovely tall letters and clear finger spaces. You can check on the handwriting sheet for any letters you are unsure of. I’m really looking forward to reading all your stories:)

Week 1 – Hello Year 1 🙂

Please could you make sure you are reading everyday and recording in your yellow books that you have read. Remember to ask an adult to read some fabulous stories to you too:)

I would also like you to practice your spellings on Spelling Shed daily, along with your number bonds for 10 and 20 so that you are super speedy when we are back at school!

Quizizz – go to and enter the codes below to access the relevant quiz.

Great Fire of London 569275

Seasons 067754

Number bonds to ten 477871

The Great United Kingdom Quiz 883133

Listen to some of the music our class composer wrote – see the Knowledge Organiser below for Vivaldi.

Please remember to look on Purple Mash for 2do tasks.

To keep active you can sign up to GoNoodle for free and try a variety of activities

Please copy out the London’s Burning song that you brought home with your red exercise book. Copy this out into your red book, making sure that you look carefully at the letter heights , spellings and finger spaces.

Cbeebies magazine and National Geographic for Kids are both interesting reads and full of information and activites.