School Closure – Year 2

Hi Class 2, I hope you have had a first good week at home! Here is your work planner for Week 2. To go along with it is a maths activity and a science activity.

You will find your 60 second read for the week here and don’t forget to carry on with your CGP book if you haven’t finished it.

Remember to check out the White Rose Maths website weekly, the link is below as well as to continue using TTrockstars and Spelling Shed.

Below are you Quizizz for the week – make sure you use your name when you are answering them so I know who you are! 🙂

Queen Elizabeth I – 395079

Capital letters and full stops – 705086

Plant life cycle – 528437

Continents and Oceans – 450007

Have a good week! Miss Momber

Hello Class 2 🙂 Here you will find activities I have planned for you each week.

Please download here work set for week 1. You can also find the 60 second reading comprehension activities for this week.

White Rose Maths are producing weekly maths lessons which can be found here. There are videos to watch and activities to complete.

Below are links to websites where work has been scheduled for your child. These will be updated each week.

TT Rockstars for quick recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Spelling Shed – please continue to practice the Year 2 spellings on Spelling Shed. Below is a link to the Year 1 and 2 common exception words that children need to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2.

Common Exception Words


Please find relevant quizzes based on our learning throughout the term. Please go to and enter the codes below. These will be updated each week.

Plants – 370091

Continents – 102335

Materials – 985406

Choose the correct verb tense – 230793

PurpleMash has lots of exciting activities on it as well as work that will be set by me!

This is our Class 2 music knowledge organiser, see how much of Mozarts’s music you can find – can you spot any of it in adverts on the TV?