School Closure – Reception

Here are some ideas for things to do with your child at home. Please keep reading with and to your child every day. Record what your child has read in the yellow reading log books. We have sent home your child’s special work book for them to put their work in. We will be looking at the books when the children come back to school. We would love to see what you are doing together at home so please let us know via Tapestry! We will keep adding new ideas so please keep checking the website and Tapestry.

Week 1

This week can you please:

Play a game with someone in your family.

Write a letter for someone in your family and put a photo of your letter onto Tapestry for us to see.

Practice your pattern making – put a photo of your pattern onto Tapestry and tell us what the unit of repeat is.

Do a jigsaw.

Teach your family one of our songs from school.

WEEK 2 Hello reception,

Thank you for all your lovely pictures on Tapestry showing us what you have been up to. I hope you have all managed to get outside a bit to enjoy the sunshine. It’s time to give you a few more activities to help to keep you busy next week.

  • Introduce the new sound ‘air’, as in chair, hair, and pair. You could look for it together in story books and reading books, or hide it on post-its around the house. If you wish, there are resources to help practise the ‘air’ sound on and videos on you tube as well.
  • Make a book – at school we have practised making zig zag books and lift the flap books to write and draw in.
  • Try playing snakes and ladders with 2 dice instead of one, to practise simple addition.
  • Keep track of the weather – draw a picture, write a sentence or word to describe the weather every day this week
  • Make a den in your house or garden – you could even send us a picture on Tapestry!

Keep sharing your work with us on tapestry and keep safe.


Phase 3

  1. Do some cooking together – hot cross bun recipe attached!
  1. Make a repeating pattern with your toys or some beads or even some food.
  1. Make an Easter card
  1. Write a menu for a meal you are going to have
  1. Play ‘Mrs Brown went to town…’ with your family
  1. Play a board game, Uno, cards.
  1. Learn how to tell o’clock times on an analogue clock
  1. Share a story together

Lots of maths games available

  1. Write clues for a treasure hunt around the house or garden

Free e-books available – select

  1. Make up a new throwing/catching game. How many points can you score?
  1. Go on a treasure hunt
  1. Make a 3d model using Lego, recycling, etc.
  1. Ask a relative to share their favourite childhood story with you
  1. Make your own playdough with an adult
  1. Look through old photos with your family and talk about times from the past.
  1. Make a birthday card for a relative or friend
  1. Make a den
  1. Ask everyone in your family to plant a sunflower seed, measure the results!

Your child will have received a login.

  1. Help write the shopping list
  1. Make a scrapbook or diary to record your days at home.
  1. Learn to zip/button up my own coat
  1. How many things can you do in a minute? How many hops? How many beads in a jar? How many times you can put your socks on!
  1. Scribe your child’s stories and then act them out together.
  1. Make an obstacle course in the garden.
  1. Write a letter to someone, put it in an envelope, add a stamp and post it!
  1. Collect empty bottles and see which holds the most/least.
  1. Know the order of the days of the week
  1. Write labels for things around your house
  1. Keep a list of all the numbers you see in a day. Which is the largest? Which is the smallest?
  1. Recognise all numbers to 20 (& beyond!)
  1. Learn how to make your own bed each morning