Sports Premium Funding

Use of Sports Premium Funding at Hutton CE Primary School

                                         Agreed aims of funding:

Broad base of participation

Sustainable beyond funding

Legacy of well-trained staff

Areas of expenditure:

  • Superstars coaches working alongside teachers and lunchtime supervisors as CPD on one day a week
  • Superstars coaches running after school sports clubs
  • North Somerset Athletics association coach working alongside teachers as CPD in Cross Country and Athletics
  • North Somerset PE Association membership (includes 6 CPD twilights)
  • CPD and cover costs
  • Sports competitions –Level 1,2 and 3
  • Paying for school cycling and skipping initiatives
  • Paying for places for school PE clubs
  • Cost of staff attending matches and tournaments
  • Cost of release time for PE leader to audit and action plan
  • Coach/mini-bus hire
  • Range of after school clubs

The impact of this funding will be evaluated during the year to establish what is going well and what could be improved further.

Sports Premium Planning & Evaluation 2017/18

Sports Premium Planning & Evaluation 2016/17

Sports Premium Planning & Evaluation 2015/16

Sports Premium Planning & Evaluation 2014/15

Sports Premium Planning & Evaluation 2013/14

After-school clubs

Dance activities

Mini Olympics


Inter-school tournaments