Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! We are very excited to begin Key Stage One and are looking forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities throughout the year. Mrs Storer is our teacher, along with Mrs Cruse who teaches us on a Tuesday afternoon. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Walker, Mrs Carpenter and Mrs Warner helping us with our learning every day. Oh….and don’t forget Fred and Arnold our class gerbils!

Year 1 Curriculum Information                                     Year 1 spellings                                          Learning through the Year                               

Term 2 – We have had such a busy term! We began by reading some poems all about worms and then went out to see if we could find some ourselves. They were obviously feeling quite shy, but we did manage to find a few!

We wrote some super descriptions of worms too.

Last week we also had a very special treat – we went to the cinema as part of the Festival of Film. We watched Captain Underpants and have now been thinking of some questions that we would like to ask a Superhero.

In our maths we have been using Numicon to help us with our subtraction and we have enjoyed making up some subtraction stories.

Subtraction stories;

Elliot – I had 10 biscuits. Mummy came and ate 6. I only had 4 left!

Jae – I had 10 cakes. Nanny Gina came along and ate 7. I had 3 left.

Max – I had 10 dinosaurs and a T-Rex ate 5 of them. I only had 5 left.


Term 1  – What a busy start to Year 1! We have all settled into our wonderful new classroom really well and have enjoyed making puppets and theatres to link with our work on Peter Pan and our topic, ‘All the World’s a Stage’. We wrote some character descriptions and drew story maps, which we are sure you will agree are fabulous!

We have been enjoying some Autumn walks in the sunshine and had fun finding items to sort for maths. We were able to explain clearly how and why we had sorted things in certain ways – we are already developing our mathematical language and reasoning skills!

We have even managed to squeeze in a Class Worship where we showed our parents all the exciting things we have been learning about so far in Yr1 and they were very impressed with the rap we sang!