Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. We are very excited to begin Key Stage One and are looking forward to further developing our learning through a range of exciting opportunities throughout the year. Mrs Storer is our teacher, along with Mrs Cruse, who teaches us one morning a week. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Walker working with us in our class!

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Term 4

We continued our learning about The Great Fire of London this term and have produced some excellent Non-chronological reports about the events of 1666. I’m sure you will agree that we have worked very hard and are now very knowledgeable.

Our topic for RE was a continuation of Shabbat and we were very excited to make and taste Challah Bread. We shared it as some Jewish families do during Shabbat. We enjoyed learning about why Shabbat is such an important time to Jewish children.

We then went on to think about the Easter story and we had a special visit from Reverent Wilkins. She explained the different ways our Church likes to celebrate Easter. We also thought about the different parts of the Easter story and considered how some are happy events and some very sad. We chose happy and sad colours and sorted the Easter story accordingly.

Next term we will be hatching ducklings – watch this space!

Term 3

We have loved learning about The Great Fire of London this term. We began the term with a visit from Jethro who was a servant to Samuel Pepys. He told us all about the fire and how it probably started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. We found out about why Samuel Pepys is such an important person during this time and how his diaries are a great source of information.

We also had a visit from the fire service and found out how to keep safe should we ever be involved in a fire. We talked about following some very important advice – Stop, Drop and Roll which will help keep us safe if our clothes ever caught on fire. We discovered that the fire service is very different today compared to what it was like in 1666.

Our cricket skills have also been improving this term as we have been lucky enough to have Sophie Luff visit us each week to teach us cricket. We have had great fun whilst learning to improve our throwing, catching and aiming skills. Some of us are very talented, possible cricketers of the future!

Term 2

What a busy term! We have worked incredibly hard learning our Nativity songs and were so proud of how well our performances went. Everyone thought we were absolutely amazing! We sang beautifully and spoke clearly – Miss Momber and Mrs Storer were very proud of us.

In English we have been learning about Quest stories and enjoyed writing versions of The Princess and the Pea. We are working hard on improving our presentation and Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker have been very impressed.

We are very much looking forward to term 3 and finding out about The Great Fire of London.

Term 1 

What an exciting start to the term! We have begun a topic on dinosaurs and we are really enjoying finding out about these Prehistoric creatures. We have been reading Harry and the dinosaurs say Raaaahh and have drawn some fantastic story maps to sequence the story. We are learning some dinosaur songs with Mr Holdaway too and have been busy producing some fantastic paintings for our classroom.

We have been busy sorting and counting in maths and are learning to count forwards as well as backwards. We are just beginning to explore place value and understand why we write our numbers as we do.

As if this exciting learning wasn’t enough, we were lucky enough to have a skipping workshop last week! We impressed our teacher with our skipping skills and showed real perseverance. Not one of us gave up and we all showed a huge amount of progress in just one session. We are going to continue practicing each week and are confident we can get even better!