Year 2

Welcome to Class 2! We are a group of 30 children who have had a wonderful start to the year so far! We have Mrs Storer as our teacher, along with Mrs Cruse for one and a half days a week. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Lewington, Mrs Warner and Mrs Carpenter working with us. We hope you enjoy finding out about our learning throughout the year.

Year 2 Curriculum Information                         Year 2 spellings                                                      Learning through the year

Term 6 – We have had a wonderful start to term 6 with a visit to Corpus Christi for the Year 2 singing festival. We have been busy learning our Summer Songs and had a wonderful morning having fun with lots of other Year 2 children









We have continued with our Amazing Animals topic and have written some fantastic non-chronological reports which we hope you enjoy reading. We are busy designing and making some Animal Top Trump cards which we are looking forward to playing with our friends and families!


The life guards have also come to visit to teach us about keeping safe on the beach this summer. As well as water safety we were also learning about what the different coloured flags on the beach mean and how to keep safe in the sun.

Term 5  – We have begun our new exciting topic on ‘Amazing Animals’! We had a fantastic visit from Zoolab who brought in a range of animals for us to see and hold.

We wrote some recounts after the visit which we hope you enjoy reading!

Term 4  – We had the most amazing start to term 4! We have been very busy since Christmas, learning our dance for Dance Their Socks Off production at the Playhouse.

The big day eventually arrived and we spent a very exciting morning rehearsing at the theatre with the other schools who were taking part. We were able to see where our changing rooms would be and were given the change to watch the other children dancing too.

We then returned to the Playhouse in the evening. We were so excited to be in our dressing rooms and had great fun changing into our costumes and getting our stage make-up and hair ready!

Our moment to shine came around very quickly and all of us absolutely loved every second of our time on the stage! We were fantastic and all our teachers were incredibly proud of how well we danced in front of such a huge audience!

Term 3 – What an exciting start to the new term! We have begun to learn about the Great Fire of London, and were very surprised to meet Jethro, a servant of Samuel Pepys! We spent a fascinating session with Jethro, finding out all sorts of information about the Great Fire. We are quite the experts now!

As the photos show, we also discovered that Samuel Pepys was an incredibly important source of
information about the fire and about what it was like to live in London in 1666.

We have also been very busy learning a dance for our Dance Their Socks Off production. Our dance is all about The Great Fire of London and begins in the bakery in Pudding Lane, leading right through to the fire and the rebuilding of London. We are extremely excited to be performing at the Playhouse in March and will post photos of our actual performance next term.


Term 2 – Year 1 and Year 2 have been very busy getting ready for this year’s Nativity! We are very

excited to perform A Magical Christmas Journey and as you can see from the photos, we are doing a fantastic job! We had great fun learning all the new songs and have worked incredibly hard learning the words for our Nativity.


We have also been creating sound effects for the story Peace at Last.  First of all, we listened to the story and made a list of the sound effects we would need. Then we explored the different percussion instruments and the sounds they could make and then decided which instrument would make the best sound effect for each part of the story.  We recorded the story and then discussed any changes before recording the final version.  We hope you enjoy our story.


Term 1 – We have been incredibly busy already in Year 2!

We have a new classroom while we wait for our new building to be finished! We think it’s a great room and Fred and Arnold (our class gerbils), seem very happy with it too!


We began the term with a visit to Farmer Nick at his farm, to find out all about food and Harvest. We had a fabulous day, despite the weather!

We saw lots of different fruits and vegetables growing in the greenhouse –


We were lucky enough to go on a trailer ride, where we stopped off to see the fields of maize. We found out that the maize is grown for the animals to eat and is not the same as the sweet corn we like to eat!