Year 2

Welcome to Year 2’s class page. Here you will be able to find all of the exciting things we are getting up to throughout the year, as well as our weekly spellings and curriculum information. This year our teacher is Miss Momber, with Mr Rourke, Mrs Lewington and Mrs Carpenter helping her out. Mrs Cruse will be teaching us on Monday afternoons.

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Term 5

We have had an animal packed Term 5 in Class 2. We started the term with a trip to plant trees and we cannot wait to watch them grow! Whilst we were there we also looked at some of Hutton’s local wildlife.

Continuing with our theme on animals, we have been investigating the different types of habitats that animals like to live in. After researching where different animals like to live, we then used materials found on school grounds to create our own. We also carried out investigations to see whether woodlice would prefer dark, damp or light homes.

This term we have also been focusing on helping the school walk to Dabaso by making sure we take part in our Mile a Day around the field. Some of us have been setting ourselves challenges to see how many laps we can run by the end of the year by increase the amount of laps we run during one mile each week.

Term 4

What a busy term we have had in Class 2. We hope you have all got your Hedgehog Highways ready for when the hedgehogs wake up. We all really enjoyed Science week and researching why it is important to look after our local wildlife. Check out some of our posters below to see what you can do at home!

As well as carrying out our own research, we had a visit from volunteers at the RSPB who encouraged us to view the school grounds through the eyes of foxes, rabbits and even spiders!

Can you name the seven continents and the five oceans? We have been developing our map reading skills this term and can now name the continents and oceans as well as locate the equator.

Thank you to everyone who came along and watched our Flamenco performance at Dance Their Socks Off. We loved having the opportunity to perform on the stage and experiencing everything that happens when you put on a performance.

Court Farm

Class 2 had a lot of fun visiting Court Farm this week. Not only did we get to feed day old lambs, we also met some prize winning sheep and a new baby calf. Farmer Ed even commented on how fantastic we were around the new born animals!

Term 3 – We have had a short but jam packed Term 3! Not only have we had the chance to learn about healthy food by working with both Tescos and Warburtons, we have also been applying this knowledge in our own discussion texts.  Check out our surprise visitor as well!

During our trip to Tescos we not only went on a sugar hunt, but we also helped the staff organise their fruit and vegetable section. However we weren’t too keen on Graham showing us all the different fish you can buy!

In R.E this term we have been focusing on Hinduism and the story of Genesha. We have had a lot of fun looking at the similarities and differences between the symbols of different religions. We also spent some time exploring pictures of local Hindu temples.

This term we have also been lucky enough to have Sophie Luff come back in to help develop our cricket skills. Sophie has been very busy recently winning championships and we had a lot of fun learning lots of new skills, below we are working on the different ways to throw and catch a ball.

Term 2 –  We have had a very busy term in Class 2, we started the new term by catching a star that had fallen on to the field. In groups we thought about the best way to catch the star carefully, we then designed and built contraptions to help us get the star down. The star is now safely in our classroom waiting to go on the Christmas tree!

After our own attempt to catch a star, we read ‘How to Catch a Star’ By Oliver Jeffers. After learning the story through role play and hot seating (check out the photos below) we created a table of our likes and dislikes of some of the vocabulary the author used before having a go at writing our own versions.


This term we have also been focusing on how our number bonds to 10 and 20 can help us remember other number bonds such as those to 100. We had a lot of fun working in pairs to find as many number bonds as we can using a variety of equipment.


Our P.E lessons have had a gymnastics focus, we have been thinking carefully about how we can balance on different parts of our bodies, as well as increasing our upper body strength!

Everyone in Class 2 wishes you a merry Christmas!

Term 1 – What a first term! We have settled well into our new classroom and are really enjoying having a lovely view of our new playground as well as having lots of space.


This term we have been taking part in Outdoor Learning lessons on a Thursday afternoon with Mrs Fry, Mrs Drinkwater and Mrs Kuht. We have had the opportunity to explore the school grounds, as well as the local area. Our favourite part was getting to watch the ducks on the pond at Des Phippin park and drink hot chocolate!


Thank you to everyone who came to our class worship. We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our learning. We have really enjoyed writing our own stories and making our own puppets. We also hope we raise lots of money for Springboard.