Year 3

Welcome to Class 3’s webpage! Here you can find out about all the exciting learning that will be taking place in our amazing first year of KS2. The Class 3 Knowledge Organisers can also be downloaded from here. This Year our class teacher is Miss Anderton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cowton. Mrs Willoughby will be teaching literacy on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and Mrs Lovely will be teaching Computing on Wednesday afternoon.

Year 3 Spelling rules and lists

Term 2 – Bronze to Iron Age – Knowledge Organiser & Curriculum Information

Term 1 – Stone Age – Knowledge Organiser & Curriculum Information

Term 1 has been full of excitement and wonder in Class 3, we have learnt about the three periods of the Stone Age, the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We learnt that although they overlap there were some individual characteristics about each one and that these are devised by Historians and Archeologists who study the object and evidence left by people from the past. During the Paleolithic and Meslithic humans were nomadic and moved around collecting food and were hunter gatherers. They lived in caves and some caves have cave paintings in them today from that time. We made our own cave paintings and used our hands to form some of the patterns like the Stone Age people did.

In the Neolithic humans discovered they could collect and keep the seeds from the plants they used and plant them in the spring and harvest them in the autumn. This completely changed how humans lived as they became settled in small communities so they could store the seeds over winter and then plant and tend to the crops in the spring and summer. The discovery of farming is a legacy of the Stone Age and without our lives would be very different to how they are today. Some people believe that the Megaliths like Stonehenge built at this time had a role in measuring the passing of the seasons. We made beautifully atmospheric paintings of Stonehenge and thought about what it would be like to be there in Neolithic times.

Our museum was visited by every class and also by our parents, it was a great success with many visitors. We were able to show our necklaces and costumes, and tools that we made by flint knapping and then went hunting with in the playing field. Some children caught Sabre toothed tigers, some Wooly Mammoths and others built shelters and gathered berries. The Stone Age has been very interesting… I wonder what the Bronze and Iron Ages will bring in Term 2?