Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! This is our first year in Key Stage 2. Miss Harris is our class teacher and Mrs Cruse teaches us every Wednesday. We also have Mrs McCollum, Mrs Kuht and Mrs Cowton working with us every day. We are really lucky in Year 3 as we have 2 class guinea pigs called Poppy and Molly.

Termly Curriculum Information                                                                                                         Learning through the year

Term 5  – This term we have been really excited about our new topic – Harry Potter! We have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as our class novel and linking lots of our learning to this story.

In our English lessons, we have been learning about the features of discussion texts and have been writing our own discussion texts answering the question – Should Harry Potter have been told he was a wizard? Once we have finished we will be using them to help us have a whole class discussion sharing our thoughts and opinions.

In Science lessons we have been learning about teeth and our digestive system. We have used this to find out what happens to a Pumpkin Pasty as we eat it!! We have also made models of our teeth.

During our maths lessons, we have been learning about features of 3d shapes. We are currently in the middle of a challenge to learn how to make a variety of nets for 3d shapes to be able to create a 3d model of Hogwarts! We are all really looking forward to making these models!

We have also studied the architecture of the building and created some very detailed sketches of Hogwarts. We have also been looking carefully at the emblems of each house at Hogwarts and been carefully sketching them for our display.

In PE this term we have been very lucky to have Chris Millard from North Somerset Athletics Association come to teach us athletics. We have been thinking about our running technique and practising how to get faster. We have also been thinking about how we start a race. Additionally we have begun to practise field events and have practised how to correctly throw a javelin.

In our RE lessons, we have been learning all about the Hindu religion. We have really enjoyed learning about the different elements of their supreme god Brahman. We made some beautiful fact files and compared how they worship their god to how we worship our god.

Term 3 –  This term, Year 3 have been very busy learning all about The Stone Age. We have been learning about what life was like in prehistoric times.

Our favourite part so far has been researching about Stone Age animals. We have found out what animals roamed the earth 3 million years ago – what they looked like, what they ate, how big they were and what animals today they are related to. We also really enjoyed creating our own cave pain

tings which we have displayed in our book corner which has been turned into a cave!

We have been learning to write persuasively and created adverts to sell a Stone Age dwelling. We are currently planning persuasive letters.

Last week we went on a trip to Bristol Museum where we explored the exhibitions and we had a workshop learning how to handle artefacts and how archaeologists use questions and their knowledge to

understand what they were used for to build a picture of the past. We did a great job and came up with great questions and demonstrated lots of understanding about Stone Age life.

We have also been on a great trip to Mendip Outdoor Pursuits as part of our PE curriculum. We all tried climbing and abseiling and showed great support and kindness to each other to help each other over com
our fears. Some of us even made it all the way to the top!

We also learnt orienteering and had fun tobogganing.

Term 2 – 

Term 1 – This term has been very busy! Our topic is learning all about Weston-super-Mare in the past. We have been learning about how we know how people lived in the area through the different periods of history. We have been looking at the evidence that shows this and learning about how the town grew to what it is today.

In English we have been using our history knowledge to write recount pieces. We have been writing diaries, letters and newspapers.





We have also been using our history in our art work too. We have been sketching details from old pictures and we are learning how to take photographs and will we learning how to upload them to the computer and edit them to look old.

In Maths we have been focusing really hard on consolidating our place value knowledge.

We have been using this to help us add and subtract in units, tens and hundreds.




We have been learning balance, travelling and landings in gymnastics. We have really enjoyed using a variety of equipment.