Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! This is our first year in Key Stage 2. Miss Harris is our class teacher and Mrs Cruse teaches us every Wednesday. We also have Mrs McCollum, Mrs Kuht and Mrs Cowton working with us every day.

Termly Curriculum Information                                                                                                         Learning through the year

Term 3

This term we have carried on our learning about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

We have now finished the story, which we all gave a huge 5/5! We have created some list poems about The Iron Man in the junk yard which most of us titled The Iron Man’s Heaven!

We have also written the ending as a diary entry from the Iron Man’s point of view recounting the challenge at the end of the story.

The ending was not what some of us had expected so we wrote The Iron Man 2 and told stories of what we would like to happen next! We were very creative.

We are now being journalists and learning how to write newspaper articles and we are planning and writing an article about the challenge at the end of the story.

In Maths so far this term, we have been using arrays to help us multiply and divide. We have also been using lots of equipment and drawings to help us.

In science we are learning all about rocks and how they are formed. We had great fun making our own fossils!

We have also been studying skeletons. We had lots of fun using stickers to label the bones in our body.

Term 2 We have had a fun term continuing our learning about The Rainforest. We have created some beautiful textured paintings of different rainforest animals and used materials such as shavings, wool, straw, netting and cotton wool to add the effect of fur, feathers and scales.

We have also created some rainforest animal pottery. We created thumb pots and then chose our favourite rainforest animal and added the features of this animal to make an animal pot.

In English we have been reading the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have all loved the story and have been pretending to be some of the characters to form opinions and used evidence from the text to write recounts and discussion texts. We cannot wait to find out what happens in the rest of the story!

This term we have been very lucky to have had Mr Millard from North Somerset Athletics Association come in and work with us. He has been teaching us cross country skills and refining our running technique. We have been out whatever the weather but we have really enjoyed the lessons and learnt lots about how we breathe and how our muscles work.


We have also had Outdoor Learning this term. We have been discovering and appreciating the nature around us.


Term 1 – We have had a very busy start to Year 3.

We have begun our topic – The Rainforest. We visited Bristol Zoo and learnt all about animals that live in the Rainforest. We were very lucky to be able to hold some animals that live there too such as a cockroach, a stick insect and a baby boa constrictor!

In our English we have been reading a story called The Great Kapok Tree set in The Amazon Rainforest. We have enjoyed this wonderful story and have begun writing persuasive letters to stop the deforestation of the rainforests.

In our PE lessons we have been learning about balancing in gymnastics. We have been practising balancing using the larger parts of our bodies and thinking about how to improve our balances.


Year 3 have also led our Harvest Festival celebrations this term. We hosted the Harvest worship with lots of our parents coming to join us. We explained the importance of Harvest, sang fun hymns about Harvest and performed a short play delivering the message of sharing at Harvest time. We also hosted a Harvest supper. We made soup and apple pies and Sue from the kitchen made loaves of bread and we raised lots of money for Some Where To Go – the homeless charity in Weston. We have also, along with the rest of the schools help, collected over 200 tins and packets to send to this very worthy charity. Thank you to all who came along and contributed.