Year 4

We are very excited about the year ahead of us in Year 4. We have lots of fun learning planned and we shall be working on developing our resilience, social skills and concentration whilst taking risks in our learning. Our teacher is Miss Bryant and we are supported by Mrs Whiting, Mrs McCollum and Mrs Kuht.

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                  Learning through the year

Term 4 and 5

Year 4 have had an exciting couple of terms filled with lots of learning. We have been working hard to add lots of description to our writing and trying to edit our own work (which is really tricky sometimes).

In Term 4, we went to Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. We had a fantastic day taking part in lots of new sports that we had not tried before. We went rock climbing and abseiling as well as some orienteering around a forest and practising our archery skills. Miss Bryant was really impressed with our perseverance and how enthusiastically we took on each new activity.

We have worked hard on our sketching skills over the past few terms. We looked at different techniques in the classroom and practised using pencils, stones and classroom objects. After we have all practised, we went to Des Phippen Park and sketched the nature around us. Some of us chose to sketch the insects, trees and flowers. We paid a lot of attention to the detail.

We are looking forward to Term 6.

Term 3

We had a fantastic term!

Term 3 was lots of fun in Year 4 – the main excitement was Hooke Court at the end of the term. We had a fantastic time away and we all enjoyed lots of outdoor activities. The team building was our first activity which was definitely our favourite. We had to work in teams to try and find a crystal from a frozen land. That evening, we had a problem solving night where we had to make cartons to catch an egg and we beat Miss Bryant! The Thursday was a fun-filled busy day which included a river walk, forest orienteering and a night walk. We were very tired by bedtime! On the final day, we had to build shelters in the forest and we worked well in teams. We had a great time away!

We have been working hard in school. We have been writing our own overcoming the monsters stories set in the Antarctic. We have really thought hard about our word choices and making sure our stories are exciting. We can’t wait to share them with you.

We found out that we were entering a singing competition in Term 4 and we have started practising the songs. Miss Bryant is really proud of our singing voices.

We can’t wait to continue learning about Shackleton and the Antarctic in Term 4!

Here are a few photos from our time at Hooke Court.

Term 2

The highlight of our term so far has been Raise the Roof. We enjoyed singing the songs and getting dressed up for our performance. Some of us are still singing the songs now! Our African drumming is going really well, we have learnt to play lots of rhythms and we are practising playing these rhythms as a round which can be a little tricky but we keep trying.

In maths, we have been practising our column addition and subtraction as well as answering problems. We have been trying to explain our thinking and writing down our explanation (we are working hard on this). We are now really focusing on our timestables! We have to know up to 12 times 12 and the division facts – keep going on TTRockstars!

In English, we have been looking at and writing our own playscripts with some amazing stage directions. There are lots of different features and punctuation that we need to remember.

PE has been good this term with swimming and cross country with Mr Millard. We have been practising running, improving our fitness and working on our teamwork.

Science has been lots of fun with Mrs Cruse; we have been able to complete lots of investigations for “solids, liquids and gas”.

We have enjoyed learning about the Tudors. We recently looked at Tudor houses, we found a big difference in the poor and rich houses and we learnt some new words, for example; wattle and daub.

We have enjoyed Term 2 in Year 4 and we are looking forward to Term 3; with a new topic, new learning and our residential trip away!

Term 1 – 

Year 4 have settled well into the new school year, taking on challenges in their learning and working hard in their learning.

The topic for the next 2 terms is going to be the Tudors and we have started this by thinking about what we already know and what we want to learn. We made a long list of questions and we are hoping to answer them in the next few weeks. We have already found out some interesting facts about the Tudors and King Henry VIII. We will be looking at the changes that happened in during the Tudor times and how our lives are different to the Tudors.

We have started to practice our songs for Raise the Roof. We are looking forward to singing these with many other schools during Term 2.

In maths, we are trying to stay focused on the task and preserve when we find the activity challenging. We are able to answer some tricky problems by using the equipment in the room and by thinking about the questions. In English, we are writing our own rags to riches stories set in the Tudor times. We are using lots of interesting vocabulary and thinking of different ways to describe our characters and the settings.

Term 6 – What a great year we have had.  The children have all worked so hard and are now preparing for their move up into year 5!

We have been really artistic this term and have created some wonderful artwork for the horticultural show.  Here is a sneak preview of what to expect.

Year 4 showed off their performance skills at Hutton’s Got Talent with a rendition of “Rupert and the Frog Song” and an African drumming piece.  Although I wasn’t there to see them, I have been told that they were brilliant.  I am extremely proud of their efforts as they rehearsed with great enthusiasm.

We have been finishing off the year 4 curriculum in maths and took advantage of the outdoor play markings to learn all about position and direction on a coordinates grid.

Please encourage your children to use Times Table Rockstars at home to keep up their number knowledge.

The children have really enjoyed Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Cruse.  They have been learning how to speak French to each other and have been coding using their Purple Mash logons.  This is something that they can continue at home to keep them occupied across the long summer holiday.

Just a thank you from me for being so supportive and helping our children to achieve the best that they can in all areas of their lives.  I look forward to seeing how they develop as they move up through the school.

Mrs Scherer

Term 5 – Year 4 have been extremely lucky to have North Somerset Music Service come into school to teach them African drumming every Friday morning.  The children are proving to have great rhythm and are beginning to combine beats to create a song.  Their music teacher is very impressed with them and everyone has really enjoyed making lots of (good) noise.

In science, year 4 have been investigating light with Mrs Cruse. At hourly intervals, the shadow of one child was drawn around to explore what happens to our shadows as the Earth moves around the sun.

A wonderful Pentecost worship was performed by our very talented actors to an audience of parents and the rest of the school.  The story of the Pentecost was shared and we all learnt that the Pentecost was the beginning of the Christian church when Jesus’ disciples went out to spread God’s message.

We have been writing poetry, role playing, writing through drama as well as descriptive writing to help us on our journey to writing our own “Overcoming the Monster” story.

We are now coming to the end of our Romans topic.  One question the children wanted an answer for was, “How are Roman roads made?”  We had a fun afternoon emulating the construction of a Roman road using crushed biscuits (sand), chocolate chips and custard (stones and mortar), Greek yogurt (concrete) and Oreo biscuits (paving slab) to make our own edible roads. We learnt the Roman names for all these layers too!

Your child has now been issued with a username and password for TT Rockstars; this site can be found online or through an app.  Please encourage your child to use this as much as possible.  It is a really fun, competitive way for your child to improve their times tables knowledge.  They love it!

Term 4 – A short but very busy term.  We have crammed in lots of wonderful learning and trips.  We kicked off the term by a visit to Churchill Academy to watch The Gesualdo 6 – an interesting interactive concert by a six-man vocal choral group.

A fantastic day was had by all at Mendip Outdoor Pursuits.  The children learnt how to do archery and there were some sharp shooters amongst us.  They braved the climbing wall with confidence and used their map reading skills to orienteer themselves around a course very successfully.


We had a wonderful day on World Book Day.  We all swapped classes and each class read a book and completed a comprehension activity.  It was agreed, that even though it was cut short because of the heavy snow, a great time was had by all.

Science week saw the whole school researching hedgehogs and finding out how we can all help them as their numbers are rapidly dwindling.  Class 4 made some wonderful posters full of research and practical tips on how to support them in the wild. We conducted investigations into forces and this work culminated in the creation of vehicles, strong enough to hold a hand-made hedgehog.  These were put to the test in a class and then a key stage competition.  We were so excited when a vehicle from our class won for accuracy and distance.  The winning team competed against other schools in the Kaleidoscope Academy competition – we were very proud of them for representing Hutton so well.

We have been working so hard and learning so many new things in maths this term. We have consolidated our knowledge on multiplication and have moved onto division. We have spent many enjoyable lessons working with resources to understand the groupings for division and how these are related to multiplication. We are now learning all about fractions and how equivalent fractions can be found through drawing and “rainbow equivalent fractions.”

How can you support your child with their maths?

Further down this page, you will see a multiplication grid called “multiplication madness”. Please do download this for your child to complete on a regular basis. Repeated times table practise will support them in all areas of their maths.


As fluency in times tables is so important in all areas of maths, I would like to support your child in developing their knowledge further. This multiplication grid can be used as a fun task to compete against themselves, a parent or sibling etc.  Repeated practise will reinforce their times tables in an enjoyable way in the home and will help them in maths lessons enormously.

I look forward to hearing how they get on.

Multiplication madness – just print and off you go!

Hooke Court – 

Year 4 visit to Hooke Court

By Tilly

Wednesday – After a long hour and a half of travelling, we finally got to Hooke Court. We were very excited to see who we would be sharing our rooms with. After lunch, we played some team building games. One game involved trying to use drainpipes to get a ball to travel to the other side of the playground. After a yummy evening meal of pasta, we set off for a night walk. We walked for about 2 hours listening for animals and the sounds of the night. It was very dark in the forest. We had some excitement when the fire alarm sounded an hour after we went to bed, but it was ok, it was just a false alarm.

Thursday – In the morning, we learnt how to march like Roman soldiers. Marching with the left foot was “sin” and the right foot was “dex” – we had to say this as we marched. We also did some Roman cooking (potage, bread and sweets) and made jewellery and weaving. In the evening, we learnt all about the life of a Roman soldier.  Mrs Scherer had to dress up as a soldier – it was interesting to see how they dressed.

Friday – We made onegars, which are like catapults on wheels, and used them to fire ping-pong balls at Mrs Scherer. After that, we made aqueducts out of drain pipes – only one team managed to successfully transport water into the bucket. We had a very long journey home as the motorway was shut, but it was good to be back.

Term 3 – This has been a very exciting term so far as we have been studying volcanoes which has really inspired the children – many have found out even more information at home.  In class, we have located the Ring of Fire and decided whether we would like to live near a volcano or not – the advantages actually outweighed the disadvantages!  We have made models of volcanoes detailing how an eruption occurs. The eruption of the volcano in the Philippines has made this topic really come alive as we have followed its story closely on the news.

Our work on volcanoes is tied in with our English unit of work.  We are writing our own explanation texts entitled “What is a volcano?” which will describe the structure and chronological order of events of an erupting volcano. We have worked in groups to explore the features of an explanation text and spent a lesson producing oral explanations to share with the class before moving onto our written work.

In maths, we are working fantastically well on understanding multiplication.  We are moving on from long multiplication to formal, short multiplication and have been using a variety of resources to help us to understand how we partition to aid us.

We have been really lucky this term to have the Football Association working with us in PE.  We are discovering all the skills needed to be a successful footballer and have been considering the principles of attacking and defending as well as ball control.

We are really excited about going to Hooke Court at the end of this term and will post some pictures on the website.

Term 2 – Year 4 have been continuing their topic of the rainforest.  In English, we are learning how to write a discussion text with the question “Should deforestation be allowed?”  We have been researching the different people that invest themselves in either using or protecting the rainforest, such as loggers, farmers, environmental scientists, fast food owners and forest inhabitants.  We held a debate to thrash out our ideas and to challenge the opposing team.

In maths, we have been working really hard on learning how to do column subtraction and addition with 4-digit numbers.  We have used various resources to help us to visualise exchanging.  We played a game with our learning partners to consolidate our learning when estimating numbers.

In science, we have been considering the needs of plants and have conducted investigations into the requirements of seeds in order to germinate and how water is transported through plants.  We went outside and Mrs Scherer demonstrated how plants use their roots to anchor themselves into the soil so they don’t get blown away in the wind and how they spread out to reach the nutrients and water.

Learning the skills of successful running in cross-country has been our theme in PE this term and we have been very lucky to have Mr Millard to show us all the techniques such as using our arms to power our bodies and legs and raising our knees high.

We have also been finding out the various ways that different religions express their beliefs through art and other visual media.  We have created our own Rangoli patterns which Hindus use during Diwali to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, into their homes.  We have also made our own version of the Salvadoran cross to represent what gives us hope and enjoyment in our own lives.  This is a Christian expression and originates from El Salvador in Central America.  We found out a little of the difficulties that some communities suffer in this area due to oppression and how Christian missionaries such as the Maryknoll Sisters endeavour to make their lives more bearable.

We loved showing our learning to our parents and carers during our Year 4 worship where we shared poems, songs, stories and information all about the rainforest.

Term 1 – Year 4 have had such a great start to their new year: a new classroom, a year older in school and lots of new learning.  With these ‘new’ things comes lots of new responsibilities which the children are taking to marvellously.

Our topic for the next 2 terms is the rainforest and we have been learning where in the world these are located and why they are getting smaller.  We have found out many interesting facts regarding the types of animals that inhabit each layer in the rainforest and why they choose to do so.  This has led us to consider rainforest food chains and we have created some artwork that displays our research and knowledge in this area of science.

We had a wonderful day at Bristol Zoo exploring the Zona Brazil which showcased the climate and animals of the rainforest.  An educational session with an expert allowed us the opportunity to hold real creatures from our topic area including a giant cockroach and snake.  Some were more pleased about this than others!

Our number skills have been put to the test in our maths lessons.  We have spent many lessons investigating the place value of digits and have used many different resources to help us.  This will give us a brilliant future with numbers.

In English, we are learning all the skills needed to write an interesting rebirth story based in the rainforest.  So far, we have learnt how to use basic direct speech, a variety of persuasive techniques and have used a lot of oracy to help us develop our own ideas.

We have considered our growth mindset and how we use words.  We played a team game whereby we had to build the highest tower using only our shoes.  At the beginning, Mrs Scherer heard us use phrases such as, “We can’t do this” and “This is impossible.”   However, we kept on trying and every group succeeded in building a tower of shoes.  We developed an, “I can do this,” attitude which we will continue to build upon.