Year 4

We are year 4 and very excited for the year ahead. We have lots of learning planned and will be working hard on developing our growth mindset to make our brains strong and ready to take on new challenges. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are helped out every day by Miss Underwood, Mrs Kuht and Mrs Conway.

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                  Learning through the year

Term 5 – A short term this time, but we have packed so much in.

Our topic this term is Harry Potter and we have been discussing the question “Should Harry have been told he is a wizard earlier?”  The children held a debate with teams pitching their thoughts against an opposing team and then challenging their questions.  This was a very lively lesson that the children enjoyed and has really helped them to write a discussion text on this theme.

In maths, we have been converting different units of metric measure.  The children can now convert units of length, mass and capacity.  Why not test them when you see an opportunity to help them remember how we need to use this in everyday life.

We celebrated the Pentecost by performing the story from the bible to parents during our Wednesday worship.  The children were amazing and the acting was superb.

Term 4 – Class 4 have worked incredibly hard this term and have continued learning about life in the Stone Age.

We performed an assembly to our parents and school which showcased our learning across the last 2 terms which everyone enjoyed.  Everybody performed amazingly and Mrs Scherer was proud of us all.


We had an exciting day at Mendip Outdoor Pursuits.  We had the opportunity to try rock climbing and abseiling at Sandford Quarry.  This was much higher than we expected but we set our own challenges and everybody achieved their goals. We ended the day with bushcraft and tobogganing.



A Stone Age voyage and return story was written by each child. These stories told of a child passing through a portal into a new unknown world – the Stone Age.  The descriptions and vocabulary used by class 4 really helped the stories come alive and become very interesting reads.

We were very lucky this term, to be invited to Churchill Academy to listen to the Carducci String Quartet perform.  We were quite apprehensive about this, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and created some posters to show our appreciation.


Term 3 – What an exciting term we have had so far and much more excitement is awaiting us in the form of our 3 day residential trip to Hooke Court in Dorset during the last week of term.

We started our new topic of “Life in the Stone Age” with a wow day. We set ourselves a challenge of creating a Mesolithic dwelling in one hour. We did it and are very proud of our efforts. We also went hunter-gathering for Stone Age food.  The boys were brilliant at spotting their prey and creeping up on it to hunt to take back to the Class 4 family. Meanwhile, the girls foraged around the grounds and found berries, seeds, eggs and leaves that Stone Age people would have eaten.

Persuasive writing is the genre of text we are studying this term in English. We are writing an estate agent’s advert on our chosen type of Stone Age dwelling. We will be holding an auction to find the winning home which will be displayed in a local estate agent’s window.

In maths, we have been learning how to divide and are working towards using the formal written method. We now know all about angles and had a great morning drawing on the tables looking for various


We had a great day out at Bristol Museum when we visited the Stone Age to Iron Age exhibition. We were able to examine and handle real Stone Age artefacts and discussed what they were used for. We saw many Stone Age relics and excavations from around our area. We also visited the rest of the museum and loved the natural world section with the stuffed animals.


Term 2 – We have concluded our work on ‘Weston-super-Mare Through the Ages’ by writing our own Punch and Judy play scripts.  We have been really busy making puppets so that we can perform our plays to each other.  We were very lucky to have a proper Punch and Judy show come along and perform to us which was great fun.  We also had another visitor who came to talk to us about the history of the show and to demonstrate the various ways that Punch and Judy puppets have been made over the years.


In maths, we have been working really hard on learning new methods of multiplication.  We have been practising our skills through games, collaborative work and challenges.



This term, we have learnt more about the significance of the Passover and how this is celebrated in the Jewish faith.  We even got to try some of the food traditionally eaten on the Seder Plate to remember the Passover.


In PE, we have been doing cross-country each week with Mr Millard.  This has been fun but exhausting.


Term 1 – This term, we have been finding out how people lived in Weston-super-Mare many, many years ago.  We have found out many facts that have been uncovered from prehistoric times which has really interested us.  Some are even visible today such as the pits on Worlebury camp!


We are beginning to plan for a newspaper report and have been practising really hard all the features that are needed.  Our learning wall is coming along well and this helps us to know the steps to take to create a great report of our own.


In maths, we have been learning new methods for addition and subtraction.  We have been using resources to practise these new skills.