Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! What a super time we are having in Year 5 with so much going on and so much to do and learn. We have lots of people to help support us with our learning in Year 5. Miss Anderton is our main teacher and Mrs Whiting and Mrs Fry during Maths!

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                  Learning through the year

Term 2

What an exciting term this was! With a visit from our local MP (Mr Penrose) and a trip to Parliament and The British Museum.

First, we studied and researched the history of British Kings and Queens wrote biographies. At Parliament we learnt that the last King to walk through the doors to the House of Commons had his head chopped off!!! We also learnt that the Queen sits in the House of Lords on a large golden throne but only once a year during the opening of Parliament when Black Rod knocks on the door.

Then, we learnt about the history of democracy, conducted our own Parliamentary debate and wrote persuasive texts and balanced arguments. We chose and researched a national, local or international issue that we wanted to get more involved in (such as the need to reduce plastic waste, the extinction and poaching of animals and of Birnbeck Pier!) We then planned, drafted and wrote a persuasive letter which was posted to people we thought could help.

Mr. Penrose then came in to talk to us about his role as an MP, how democracy worked and how the children could get more involved. The children had lots of challenging questions for him and really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about how Parliament worked. When we visited Parliament we had the amazing opportunity to see two debates, one in the House of Lords and one in the House of Commons, then we took part in a workshop on Democracy.

At the British Museum we saw blue and white Chinese pottery which linked to Term 1 and our own Chinese pottery tiles. The children were amazed by the displays during our whistle-stop tour, including the Parthenon frieze, the Easter Island statue and an incredible coat of armor made from a crocodile skin!

In Maths we have been studying multiplication and division using concrete, pictorial and abstract resources. It is clear that regular practice of multiplication and division facts are helping the children’s recall which speeds up all areas of math. So please do keep up the regular practice. There are so many helpful (and free) math resources online such as Khan Academy, Top Marks Hit the Button and Fact Families and Minimaths so please do try and make time for some regular practice at home using these to consolidate your child’s learning.

Term 1

Wow, what a fantastic first term we have had in Class 5 as we entered the dragon for the terms history topic. First we became historians, and were visited by Weston Museum who bought in lots of interesting and slightly curious items for us to look at and handle. We measured and drew, studied and discussed what the items could be. Then we were given labels which we used to help us understand, some of our inferences were correct and some were not but that is ok because mistakes show us we are trying. We learnt how to prepare a class museum and were given lots of interesting and exciting ideas about how we could lay it out.

After the visit we organised ourselves into groups to begin preparation for our class museum. The groups were as follows: PR department, Oracle and Fortune Tellers, The Great China Wall, Shang Dynasty History, The Terracotta Army, Chinese Calligraphy and Ancient Chinese inventions.

In literacy we write our own Voyage and Return stories based on The Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman, created our own Chinese poems based on the Ancient Chinese poem Thoughts in the Silent Night by Li Bai.

In Art we made glazed pottery tiles in the style of those which would of being seen in the palaces of the Ancient Chinese Emperors, designed covers for our stories and created flower and bird designs along with calligraphy to illustrate our poems.

The museum ran over two days and was a great success, thank you to all the parents, children and teachers who visited and helped to bring the museum to life. Here are a few of the comments; ‘Amazing, shone like stars, well done!’, ‘Very informative and interesting.’, ‘You have worked extremely hard and I have learnt loads.’