Year 5

Welcome Team 5! We are already having a very exciting time in class and are busy getting stuck into our new topic. We have lots of lovely people to help support us with our learning. Mrs Willoughby and Mrs Whiting are our class teachers (Mrs Whiting will be with us on a Monday and Mrs Willoughby from Tuesday to Friday). We are very lucky to also have Miss Anderton during Maths and Mrs McCollum during Literacy.                                                                                        

Term 3 & 4 – Knowledge Organiser

Term 1 & 2 – Democracy in EnglandKnowledge Organiser  & Curriculum Letter

Team Five’s Blog: Term 2


Team five have really enjoyed learning about the Battle of Bosworth and how Henry VII took his victory and defeated Richard III on the battle field. They also loved learning about the actual battle and all of the gruesome details. Using Lego, we had the chance to re-enact the battle (this made it much easier to remember and it was really fun).



Writing and editing:

To make our writing stronger, Mrs Willoughby has given us all editing passes. These help us to concentrate and build stronger ideas and paragraphs in our writing. We really like these because they help us edit more easily by focusing on one thing at a time.


Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award:

We’ve started doing our Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award, which Team five are loving. We have started thinking about how we want to make a change in our community and have started doing the challenges in our books (we love this!) The challenges are really fun and get us working together, like guiding our partners around the tables blindfolded and stacking cups using ONLY elastic bands (this was a hard one but we got there in the end). We love doing these challenges because it’s fun, exciting to do, nerve-wracking and challenging. We are all working really hard at this award because we all want to achieve our badge at the end of it.

Dance Festival Preparations:

We have some exciting news, we’re going to the Dance Festival. Mrs Willoughby arranged for a real life choreographer to come into school and help us with our dancing. We have already finished one dance and still have another to learn. Miss Rees was so good at teaching us our new moves (for some people in team five it was the first time they had ever danced before). We can’t wait to carry on dancing and learning even more. It’s so  fun and gets us moving. The boys have really enjoyed it and Louie even gets to do a knee slide!

TT Rockstars:

TT Rock stars day was amazing because Team Five got to dress up in their own clothes and act all cool (not that team five aren’t already cool).

Cross Country:

All of team five are really enthusiastic about exercise and fitness. They especially like cross country with Mr Millard – he’s a North Somerset Athletics coach. Everyone always tries their best to push themselves and their limits.  As Josh said, like our school moto, ‘if you ‘believe, you can achieve and succeed’.

Dogs Trust:

We wanted to thank the lady from Dogs Trust who came in to talk to us all about dogs and keeping safe. Team five learnt all about how to stay safe around dogs and the importance of being kind to animals. The biggest thing we learnt was the ‘x factor’ (which is what you do when a runs up to you).

Christmas Fayre:

Team five worked really hard on their great plant pots, which were sold at the Christmas fayre. The Christmas fayre was a success seeing as so many members of team five helped out. Mrs Willoughby couldn’t have done it without Team Five.


Scarlett and Holly

Term one blog

Team Five have had a fantastically busy and exciting start to the term. Before we begin to discuss our learning and share with you our fun experiences, I would first like to welcome two new members to our team: Lily and Solomon. Solomon and Lily have settled in brilliantly and are already very important individuals within our class.

We have kicked off our year embedding our learning around the multifaceted topic of democracy. We have been looking at the origins of democracy – more specifically King John’s reign and the establishment of the Magna Carta. Loving the topic so far, the children have become avid researchers and historians in the process, feeding their new found knowledge into their wider lessons.  

Our biggest moment so far has to be our incredible trip to London. Team Five were engrossed in all things politics as they explored the corridors of parliament and learnt about the two-House system. Excitingly, we also had the opportunity to ask questions to a real Lord. I was incredibly proud of the children; they asked some really interesting and sometimes controversial questions which led to stimulating discussions…they were truly brilliant.

After visiting parliament, the children walked to the National Portrait Gallery. Here, they had the opportunity to explore. As well as looking at the artwork, some children ‘quick-sketched’ – a skill that we have been practising in class.

We’re looking forward to showcasing our work with you all and are keen to get stuck into Term Two.