Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! What a super time we are having in Year 5 with so much going on and so much to do and learn. We have lots of people to help support us with our learning in Year 5. Miss Anderton is our main teacher and Mrs Miles teaches us on Thursday afternoons. We also have lots of other adults helping in class including Miss Bryant during Literacy and Mrs Whiting and Mrs Fry during Maths!

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                  Learning through the year

Term 2 – Wow! Class 5 have had the most spectacular term 2 continuing on their cross curricular journey through South America, Animal Lifecycles, Brazilian Art and South American Folktales. The children are continuing to make progress in developing their fabulous team working skills and successfully wrote, choreographed, rehearsed and performed, in the round, their own South American Animal Folktales to the school in their Class Worship.

In maths the children have been learning about addition and subtraction, writing their own word problems and explanations. This term we have been focusing on identifying misconceptions and celebrating our mistakes as opportunities for us to learn.

Balanced arguments, involving human and physical geography, will be our cross curricula focus till Christmas promising much researching, argument and debate, encouraging us to use those developing oracy skills of voice projection, presentation and good listening.

The South American Folktale books the children published in beautiful handwriting, with their amazing Romero Britto covers are currently on display in the hall.

Term 1 – This term the children have been learning all about South America and Brazil. Class 5 collaborated in teams to set up market stalls of information. The children then had to explore the market place and find out facts about Brazil and South America including identifying the countries of South America, locating major Brazilian cities, identifying the surrounding Oceans, describing the difference between human and physical geography and identifying and describing the six major ecosystems of Brazil.

In Maths, the children have been learning about place value and identifying numbers up to a million. They have been learning about all the different ways numbers can be represented and partitioned including using ‘Part, part, whole’, Singapore bar modelling and place value counters. A secure understanding of place value enables children to read and write numbers with confidence and ensures they line up digits correctly when working with large numbers.

In Literacy, the children have read, adapted and performed Brazilian Animal folktales and written their own animal poems and stories, exploring descriptive and figurative language using adjectives, noun phrases, similes and personification. They used their lifecycles learning from Science to inform their stories and the changes and attributes the animals may of gained or lost. Once published, Class 5 are hoping to read their stories to other classes and create a cover for their books, inspired by Romero Britto, in collaboration with Year 1 pupils.

The School Open day was a great success and Class 5 were praised for their contribution to the days celebrations of Victorian costumes and displays. The Class had followed the theme of ‘Now and Then’, deciding what they would research and what they would produce. They produced interviews of school children from ‘now and then’, photographs of Hutton ‘now and then’, and drawings, posters and diagrams of Victorian clothing, technology, school day, and subjects. Creating a fabulous display for the classroom and singing beautifully on the day with the rest of the school. The children have worked together really well together this term. I am very proud of their achievements this term and hope they are too.