Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! What a super time we are having in Year 5 with so much going on and so much to do and learn. We have lots of people to help support us with our learning in Year 5. Miss Anderton is our main teacher and Mrs Miles teaches us on Thursday afternoons. We also have lots of other adults helping in class including Miss Bryant during Literacy and Mrs Whiting and Mrs Fry during Maths!

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                  Learning through the year

Term 6 – This term Class 5 have continued on their science journey with the human life cycle and a visit from the Betty Bus!!!

STEM has become STEAM as we move onto a Technology, Art and Engineering inspired topic of Smart clothing! Some incredibly well researched homework was produced leading to some super displays and presentations.

In Art, Class 5 created Pop Art portraits of each other, learning how to sketch a portrait and then abstract it to create a design suitable for multiple reproduction and painting. Again some amazingly well researched homework was created with highly informative presentations given by the children.


The children learnt the JABBERWOCKY from Lewis Carroll’s famous story Alice through the Looking Glass. They designed pictograms and action to help us learn and then perform the entire poem off by heart, the effect was quite incredible and really brought the poem to life.

We have nearly reached our target of collecting 400 items for the Weston-Super-Mare Foodbank. A lady from the Trussel Trust who run the foodbank came and talked to us about the work that they do, we asked lots of questions and found out how our donations will be used to help those in need in our local area. Thank you to everyone across the school who donated items to help us reach our target of collecting 400 items for the Weston Foodbank and on achieving your Young Leaders Awards from the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Challenge and meeting your target.

Class 5, along with the rest of the school, took part in the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research. Well done all those who took part.

Term 5 – This term, in our STEM inspired science based Topic work, Class 5 has been learning about the life cycle of plants, chickens and insects. We began with the question ‘What if there were no life cycles?’ which led the children to consider the theory of evolution, the need for change and growth and to look and name other cycles, such as the water cycle. The children were shown how to ‘candle’ the eggs in the Reception classroom and then were able to observe how the chicks grew once they had hatched.

We became gardeners and planted a range of vegetable seeds including tomatoes, herbs, French beans and cress. We became scientists and devised experiments to measure the time it took for seeds to germinate, the conditions needed for germination and the rate of root growth in different seeds. We made predictions, recorded our results and then hypothesised why our results did or did not match our predictions. This led us to more questions and the realisation that the more we learn the more we have to find out!

In Art, Class 5 pondered the question ‘What happens to other forms of life when their habitats are disturbed by human activity?’ We learnt about the artist and architect Hundertwasser, who incorporated trees, plants and green roofs into his buildings to compensate for the loss of habitat. We designed and built our own Hundertwasser inspired eco-buildings and created our own eco-city scape.

In literacy, Class 5 researched and then wrote biographies of people which inspired and motivated them. They also wrote their own autobiographies. We especially liked David Attenborough and looked at the lives of naturalists and

In Maths we explored 2D and 3D shape, translation in four quadrants and reflection, perimeter and area and completed the Tetrahedron Challenge!

For international Outdoor Education Day on the 18th May, Class 5 were invited to attend an outdoor pursuits day run by Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. Arrows were fired, fires were lit and Frisbee golf played! An amazing day was had by all!

We have started the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leaders Award which exists to empower children to ‘be the change they want to see’ in their lives and local communities, giving them leadership skills and practical opportunities to make a difference in their local community and beyond. The children are aiming to complete at least 5 of Archie’s Challenges and, as a class, collect a target of 400 items for the local foodbank in Weston-Super-Mare. A spokesperson from the foodbank will be visiting the class to talk to them about the charity.

Term 4  – In Maths, we have been tackling fractions, percentages and decimals using Singapore bar modelling to help.

We had a go at a Hoola hoop challenge…

Class 5 have been super busy rehearsing for the Easter Play and performed brilliantly for a packed audience. The singing was so moving and many cried at the emotional tale that was told.

In History and PSHE, we met our local MP John Penrose and asked him lots of interesting questions. We then travelled to London and visited the Houses of Parliament. This was an amazing opportunity to visit both the House of Lords (red and gold) and the House of Commons (green). We were able to stand in both houses and it was a Friday and there were no sessions that day. We learnt about the history and protocols of Parliament and held our own debate on the virtues of break time, the ayes won!

After this, and in preparation for the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Challenge, we researched local, national and international issues and the charities which help these causes. To ‘be the change we want to see!’ we then learnt how to write persuasive letters about our chosen cause and posted them to our local MP. We got some replies and are looking forward to receiving the rest.

We also made amazing rockets for science week!!!

Term 3 – What an amazing start to the New Year! Class 5 have jumped into the new term, quite literally, feet first! Class 5 have excelled this term at positively encouraging each other, this was especially noted when they went caving, rock climbing and abseiling with Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. The positive attitude to learning has continued in and out of the classroom.

We were also busy researching our new London topic, choosing how to record and present our learning; we made first, second and third drafts of our learning and gave each other kind, helpful and specific feedback to help us improve each time.

In Literacy, we created persuasive texts encouraging others to share our passions for football, gymnastics, dance, tennis and a wide variety of hobbies and pastimes. Then we moved onto descriptive writing and writing in the present tense. We analysed the descriptive text of Over Hungerford Bridge (1886) by Richard Rowe written in 1867. The children identified similes and metaphors, extended noun phrases and alliteration! The children then wrote their own descriptive texts and were then able to turn their descriptions of historic London, into scripts which were then dramatized for the Class 5 Worship Assembly.

In Maths, we have been learning about division and fractions, continuing to use concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches to learning, the children are continuing to learn and use a wider range of technical mathematical vocabulary. Class 5 should be very proud of their achievements this term and their positive attitude enables them to make the most of every challenge.

Term 2 – The Chinese mural on the outside of the hut is almost complete. First, we designed the mural by looking at traditional Chinese landscape art and then we scaled up the designs to go the hut. The outlines are now complete and we are waiting for the good weather to return so it can be completed.

Our Chinese dance was performed to parents and received a good reception. It was really fun working with Year 6 and they collaborated together brilliantly. Miss Beange arranged for us to taste some Chinese food which was delicious!

In Maths we have been hard at work learning about division and multiplication. We have completed some Inquiry based maths challenges and explored NRich puzzles.

We looked, in depth, at the Maurice Sendak illustrated book version of the 1930’s opera Brundibar and were moved by the realisation it was about WWII and some of the children who lived during that time. We looked at how the symbolism of the illustrations informed our reading of the text and thought about those affected by War which was especially poignant on Remembrance day.


Term 1 – Wow! Class 5 have had an amazing start to the Autumn term. I am so proud of their achievements, and they should be too. In Literacy, we have learnt about Voyage and Return stories and read The Firework Makers Daughter. Then we planned, wrote and published our own and shared them with Class 6.

In maths we learnt how to use place value to add and subtract numbers up to one million! This week we did our first Inquiry maths lesson of the year and are starting to explore the new mathematical vocabulary so we can explain our reasoning clearly.

In other learning we have tried Chinese food, learnt how to do some Chinese dancing and have planned and designed a Chinese mural for our hut, which we are very excited about as we will soon start painting.  Next term we will be learning about multiplication and division, writing poetry and building a Chinese Dragon!