Year 6

Welcome to Team 6! We are all incredibly motivated for our final year at Hutton – let’s get started! Our teacher is Mrs Willoughby. She has lots of wonderful and exciting experiences planned for us throughout the year and is eager to get stuck in. We have now moved into our shiny, new classroom – we love our fantastic new working space.

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                      Learning through the Year

Term 1 – Year 6 is amazing, we met a nice teacher called Mrs Willoughby and she made everything fun even in boring lessons and we get on very well. After a few weeks in school, our new classroom was built, it looks amazing! When we moved in it was magical, a lovely new carpet was put in with beautiful windows, doors and a lovely new balustrade made of glass! We had lockers to store our stuff in. I love the new classroom so does Mrs Willoughby and everyone else.

Our topic for the next two terms is South America. We have been learning lots about South America and have been doing some really fun things. We’ve learnt all about the different countries, carnival in Brazil and studied the animals of the rainforest in our art lessons.

We have been reading ‘The Journey to the River Sea’ book, it is very interesting and it is based in the Amazon Rainforest.

In literacy we have been writing introductions for a quest stories based in the Amazon. These were really fun to write. We have learnt lots of new exciting grammar terms which we’ve all been putting into our writing. We’ve enjoyed writing descriptively and using lot of atmospheric language. We used research notes to help us imagine what it might be like to be in the Amazon.

At the beginning of term Mrs Willoughby arranged for a music teacher to come in and teach us how to play Samba. Our piece of music is the style that they would play in a South American carnival. It was very loud and we had to follow the teacher’s instructions! It was cool.


We’ve already had a really good school trip. We went to the Lifeskills centre in Bristol which was absolutely amazing. In there, they taught us DRAB which means ‘danger, response, airways and breathing’.  The actual place looked like a movie set, it was amazing. When we walked into different rooms and scenarios, they taught us everything we needed to know about responsibility and hazards in the environment.


Take a look at the activities we did –

Our favourite week so far was out Bikeability cycle safety week. During our Bikeability sessions, we went on the road and we learnt all about road safety for cyclists. For example, we learnt how to turn out the junction. It was really fun! In the end we all passed and we all got a badge and a booklet for reaching level 2 (the top level there was).


Next term: Next term we are going to present our class worship (celebration worship) we are aiming to have the best worship ever from our students from team 6. We are continuing with our South America topic…we are going to be writing discussion texts based around Maradona and his ‘hand of god’ goal. We can’t wait!!!!

Written by Team 6’s class bloggers: James Topham and Sam White.