Year 6

Welcome to Team 6! We are all incredibly motivated for our final year at Hutton. Our teacher is Miss Beange. She has lots of wonderful experiences planned for us throughout the year and is eager to get started. We are also very lucky to have other fantastic members of staff supporting our learning. As well as having a new teacher, we also have a new classroom. Please come and find us in our learning space, we are located in the old ICT suite, next to the courtyard.

Termly curriculum information

Term 6

Olivia – Most of our lessons at the moment are focused on our end of year play, which is called Olivia, a follow on from the popular musical Oliver. We have worked extremely hard on this play and we are all very excited for the production. We have been learning all the songs and been practicing our lines.

Leavers’ assembly- Even though we are very sad to leave Hutton, we are excited for our assembly because we have been practicing a song to perform!

Class photo- We had a photo to go in the Mercury; it was taken up on our school field on Friday 16th June 2017. Make sure you get yourselves a copy – we’re the kids on the boat.

Getting ready for secondary school- We are getting ready for secondary school. We have already had visiting teachers from Broadoak and Churchill (Churchill gave us homework). We have our induction days coming up – where we go off to our secondary school for the day. When you go it’s all like a tester day; you get to see where all the different classrooms are and find out your tutor groups, you also get to experience different lessons. As well as that we get to meet our new teachers.

PE- In PE we have been playing rounders, athletics and learning how to play rugby. The rugby sessions were led by Jay and Billy (as they play a lot of rugby). We have learnt how to pass, catch, kick, score a try and learn the basic rules. With all the hot weather we have been having, we have all really enjoyed getting outside and playing games in the sun.


Camp –  At the end of term 5, Year 6 embarked on an adventure; we went to Hooke Court!

When we got there we went to our tents and chose which bed we would have. At night time the teachers get to bed at around midnight and were woken at four every morning. They named the noisy tent ‘the party tent!’ Each morning we ate breakfast: Coco Pops, Toast, croissants and Orange juice, and then got ready for our busy day. We did lots of really cool activities: bridge the moat, night search and rescue, campfire and more! The Night Search and Rescue was our favourite, we had to find clues all around Hooke Court and work out what happened to Steve. We loved being on camp because it was really hot and we played all day. We also had lots of free time to play football. On our final night, after we had hot chocolate and marshmallows, Miss Beange pulled a trick on us, she said it was time for bed so we all went into our tents because it was getting late – 10:30…it was actually 9.



French Students –  On the 10th June Hutton have been very lucky to have a french student called Pierre and it means stone or rock. The other one is called Charles. Pierre was born in Rouen in Normandie and same as Charles. In Rouen a famous woman called Jeanne D’Arc burned to death in the middle Ages by English people. The war was called the Siege of Orleans. It is sad to say that Pierre and Charles are leaving us on the 24th June. They depart at Bristol Airport.

Pierre has been with us for two weeks. He has taught us all about different sports and famous monuments in France. He has also been teaching us a French song which we will hopefully be performing in worship on Friday.

A plaisir de vous revoir! See you later.

Written by Jay, Issy, Katie

Term 5 – SATsSATs have been very interesting; it was hard at times but we all made it through a very tough week. Miss Beange made us breakfast every day! We did many different tests everyday: reading, grammar, spelling and maths. We all did our best and we did very well; in afternoons we either did fun activities or played outside for the whole afternoon! It had been the best week ever.

May Day: May Day was a huge success –most of Hutton joined together to create a huge parade! The May Day Prince and Queen was Amelia C (year six May Queen) and Owen B (year six May Prince).The main event was the crowning of the Prince and Queen and the medals were handed out. The pupils of the after school club of maypole dancing took part in a dance that they had created and practised for this special day.

Sports Day: In a sunny and glorious afternoon sports day was taken place on the schools field –there were so many races included and were very successful! The 2017s sports day winner was Kamba (blue tribe). Although at the end the weather was very bad but it didn’t stop us from completing the final race.

Dance Festival: The dance festival was a big event that many schools participated in. They came to the playhouse and performed their two dances that they had practised for a very long time! All of the dances were incredible and there costumes were too. Gymnastics and dance spread across the stage causing gasps from the amazed audience. We went up to the top floor to our dressing room to get ready for this nerve raking performance. Our dance was lucky enough to be near the end we had lots of time to prepare makeup and costumes. We also had time for photos and selfies it was so much fun! We loved every minute of it.

World Record Attempt: Many schools in England took part in an amazing record breaking attempt … the attempt was as many people possible walking a mile at the same time. We had to bring in 50p to raise money for this exciting attempt and to save the rhinos. We still don’t know if we broke it but we are all hopeful that we have – fingers crossed!

Mrs Miles leaving: Very unfortunate news happened on a newsletter that Mrs Miles was going to leave very soon. We were all very devastated to hear this news but she said she will return for our leaver’s service. This then made the sad news turn into the greatest news ever. The reason why she has left is because she needs to spend more time with her adorable twins but she will visit soon!


Term 4 – This term has been amazing!

London: The first trip we went on was to Parliament on 3rd March. The only down side was that we had to wake up at 4:00am! When we arrived we were shown around and we saw the Houses of Commons, the Houses of Lords; the Princes Chamber. We went so we could start our topic of Parliament. Even though we spent most of our time traveling we really enjoyed it – it was an amazing day!

Mendip Pursuits: On the 14th March we went to Mendip to try different activities. When we did mission impossible our focus was to use more team work and help each other. We had some people not getting along but still managed to work together. When we did canoeing over half of the class fell in.

Rocket week: Mrs Cruise set us a challenge to research and design our own rockets. A group from KS1 and Ks2 went and competed against other schools at Clevedon Secondary School. Y6 came first in accuracy; 3rd in distance.


Red nose day: On Friday 24th March you could ware one item of red for 50p. Over the week Woody and Jacob de-Bruin were selling red noses for £1 for charity. We ran out of red noses on the Wednesday. We raised an amazing £266 over the week and on Friday!

Churchill makes music: In January Mrs Clough came and told us about a festival all about singing. Then on Thursday 30th march we went with 10 other schools to Churchill and performed the songs to our parents. The theme was feeling good because of that we all had to wear a brightly coloured t-shirt.

Dance festival: All term we have been preparing for the north Somerset dance festival. We have been learning two dances: Rhythm of Life and Rete Petite. We will be preforming it at the playhouse on Wednesday 26th April. The theme of this year’s dance festival is unite. Everyone in year 6 is very excited to perform the dances.

Build: Later in the term, Tribe captains (Ruby, Stanley, Ava and Harry) and health and safety council (Amelia Clements) went into the building site.

Written by Georgia and Fran


Term 3 – Welcome to term three, this term we have started a brand new topic…the Suffragettes!

At the very start of term three we went on a school trip to Lifeskills in Bristol. When we were there, we did a lot of activities. It was really fun! We were taken around the centre by guides and had to work hard together. We experienced different emergency situations and had to call the emergency services (it was Miss Beange and Mrs Whiting on the phones). The following week we also did class worship, in this, we talked about the suffragettes in a news report style.

In literacy we have been learning about writing letters. We have learnt that the suffragettes fought for a change and Miss Beange said we could too.  We have just sent persuasive letters to the Prime Minister asking for university fees to be abolished or School holiday fees to be removed. We are waiting for her response.  We have sent some informal letters to our partner school in Africa; Dabaso School.

In Maths we have been focusing on geometry. We have been building nets, learning properties of shapes and measuring and drawing angles. We have all enjoyed the ‘get up attitude’ in our Maths classes.

More recently, we have been researching the key figures of the suffragette movement and have looked at the controversial ways they protested. We have started a design project where we are making Suffragette placards. We are all making different styles of placard and have had help from Mr Baker for the building of the placards. We have drafted an initial design and the developed these, using specific dimensions, design notes and explanations. We are looking forward to getting them painted and displayed.

With SAT’s approaching, we are spending more time practising for our ‘quizzes’. We are critiquing and assessing our own work in a positive and supportive environment.

Written by Hugo, Woody and Jacob D.B


Term 2 – In this term we have been learning all about Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty.

This term we have been writing 500 word stories. We have focused on the genre ‘Rags to Riches’. These were fun to write but challenging because the majority of the class had 500 words or over. We learnt to focus our thinking and not to write too many pages. When we finished writing these we self-assessed using our class rubric (we wrote this). As a class we think the rubric helps because later on we use it to improve our writing. We have also pretended to be news reporters presenting our research findings from our history lessons.

In literacy we have also looked at poetry. Linking to our dragon theme we have learnt about onomatopoeia, metaphors and similes. All of Team 6 had the chance to create and write their own dragon poems, we looked at different dragon poems and talked about what we liked about them. We spent an afternoon collecting items from the field which we thought could be used to help us exaggerate our descriptions in poetry. We used these ideas in our writing and our performance.

Earlier in this term we had a visitor from Churchill academy. She taught us a traditional Chinese dance which we used to choreograph our Dragon Duel (which we performed in front of our parents)

Leading up to our Chinese performance we first had to get into teams. When we were in teams (choreographers, hospitality, music, creators, designers and costume) we worked together to create a good Chinese performance. This was quite hectic because it was hard to work as a team sometimes and organise others but we got there in the end and had lots of fun.


Written by Harry and Issy


Term 1- Team 6 have had a fabulous start to the school year, settling into our new classroom and our new responsibilities around the school.

We have been busy delving into the wonderful world of Ancient China, submerging our learning in this topic; researching, exploring and presenting our findings.