Year 6

Welcome to year 6’s class page. We are very excited and ready to head into our final year at Hutton. We have lots of exciting activities and trips planned throughout the year, so please keep checking this page for photos and comments from class members. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are supported in our daily maths lessons by Mrs Kuht.

Termly curriculum information                                                                                                      Learning through the Year

Term 5

Planting trees

At the start of term 5 we went to the woods and planted 7 chestnut trees: one for each class. Two people were chosen to plant each tree.  To celebrate, when we were up there, as a school, we sang a song with Mr Holdaway to help the trees grow.

SSOC Event

The SSOC organised a ‘Goalball’ game for every year – this game is played by people with visual impairment or completely blind. It was a bit like skittles. To make it seem more realistic, the SSOC members cleverly made us wear blindfolds so that we could play is properly. It was led by Thom and Phoebe in our class and was great fun.

Getting ready for SAT’s

During term 5, we have been working our socks off getting ready for the big week of SAT’s. Some of us were a tiny bit worried but altogether, most were ready for it and couldn’t wait.

End of Year 6 SATs – At the end of SATs, we were shattered and needed a break from our hard work.

As a class we all felt relaxed during the week and are really glad it’s all over.


Mrs Willoughby organised an awesome treat…on the last day of our SATs        we were buzzing because we had bacon and sausage sandwiches with sauce.               To celebrate, she bought us all donuts! We played loads of rounders and did art in the afternoons which was really fun.

Fire and flood book

At the start of term 5 we started a book called fire and flood. This book adventures over 4 eco systems: jungle, desert, sea and mountains. We’re really enjoying this book; it’s full of adventure and lots of surprises.  In class we have been putting our work towards it. We’ve been told that we can’t buy this book because it has some naughty words in it but the story is so exciting, Mrs Willoughby has been changing it as we read it in class. We hope we get to start the next one on camp.

Gearing up for Hooke Court

Since the first day of Year 6 everybody has been bursting with excitement for Hooke Court. We have been asking questions about what we are doing and what it will be like. Although we haven’t been told much we are still hyped – we can’t wait for the activities and the tents!

Royal Wedding

Year 1 hosted an amazing wedding at St Mary’s church to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan – it was awesome! In the morning we helped decorate the school field (hanging bunting and collecting petals for the confetti).After the celebration we had a huge school picnic on the field. It was really fun.


This term we’ve had Mr Millard in school every Monday doing our athletics. So far, we’ve been focusing on our reaction time, speed, throwing and our technique.


Term 4

Dance Festival at the Playhouse – What a fantastic night!

I am incredibly proud of every member of our class; they all worked incredibly hard to put on such a fabulous performance – they were absolutely phenomenal! Their enthusiasm really shone through in their performance – we’re now really looking forward to our end of year production. The children were really excited to hear the excitement from the crowd – thank you to all who came and supported them; their smiles were priceless.

Science Week – We have been busy building our vehicles for this year’s Science Challenge. Team 6 have been designing and building vehicles to transport their hedgehogs. We have recently been looking into the plight of hedgehogs, whose numbers have declined dramatically. Part of our challenge was to tell people to make a 13cm gap in their fences so that hedgehogs can roam freely, in search of food and shelter – can you help?


Term 3

Greek Mythology: In term 3 we have started learning about Greek Mythology, Myth and Legend tales and all about the gods and goddesses.  We started the term learning about play scripts. We read Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa. We really liked this story and have been doing a lot of work linking to it. We have also been looking at ‘Persephone and the Pomegranate seeds’. After reading this we learnt about Hades and the Underworld. We have been writing letters as if we were Persephone (kidnapped by Hades) from the Underworld to Demeter (Persephone’s Mother). This has been really fun because we have all been able to show off our great editing skills.

Safe self-rescue: At the beginning of the term Mrs Willoughby took us all to Hutton Moor swimming pool to practise our swimming and ‘safe self-rescue’. This was harder than we thought it was going to be as we were wearing clothes in the water. We did this so that in a real life situation, we would know what to do and we would be able to be help ourselves like a life guard.)

Dance festival: For the Dance Festival we have a theme called Once Upon A Dance. We did dance practice and chose our favourite songs. We are excited to say that luckily the whole class has room to preform!

Adventure day: On the first Friday after Christmas, we all came to school dressed up as adventurers to raise money for the explorers we have been following, who are saving the River Nile. Some of us were Relic Hunters and photographers! We used this experience to get some exciting writing done. We pretended that we were explorers who found Medusa’s cave.


Image theatre – the wind in the willows:  At the end of this week we had a theatre company come to see us in school. We took part in their workshop and then watched them perform ‘The Wind in the Willows’.  They were so funny and taught us the songs to join in too. 10 people were asked to be actors in the play. We had a private workshop in Year 6 and then we performed with the actors.

SATs practise:  Mrs Willoughby has been helping us to feel less worried about our SATs. Without us knowing she gave us a past Maths and SPAG paper…she was REALLY impressed with our scores. We all did really well and it has made us all believe that we really can do it. It’s given us all a real boost. We have spent lots of time in class going over papers and talking to her by ourselves about them. We feel more confident now about our SATs.

Written by Hollie and Sam


Term 2


This term remembrance has been a big focus because we learned about why and what it means to remember. We were lucky enough to be visited by Mr Chapburn, who is part of the British Legion, he told us about the First World War and what happened in Weston super mare. We spent time looking at aeroplane models and watched some interesting videos about rationing and war.

Mrs Willoughby introduced us to an important poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ (written by a soldier John Mccrae). We recited this whole poem, using actions to help us remember. This was a really interesting poem to look at because it made us all tink about what it must have been like fighting in the battle fields. It is quite a sad poem but we are all very proud to have learnt it – remembering all the fallen soldiers.

During our school remembrance service James Topham had the honour of holding the flag – this was a real honour as it represented the fallen soldiers. We also helped to raise money for the British Legion with the Poppy Appeal, selling poppies before and after school.

Class Worship

On the Wednesday the 15th of November, we invited our parents in to come and see our wonderful class worship all about South America and remembrance.

During our assembly we shared what we have been learning about, showcasing our Portuguese (Jaden and James T), Samba drumming, Samba dancing, Amazonian artwork, drama led folk stories and our writing based around our topic story ‘Journey to the River Sea’.

During our assembly we also remembered those who have fought and or are still fighting in wars around the word. Billy Avery led the minute silence. During this part if our assembly we sang our song – You Raise Me Up – and performed our poem (with actions): ‘In  Flanders Field’.


This term we were visited by Bristol University researchers.  They came to our school and they told us they were studying our physical education throughout the week. Because of this we realised how important it is to stay active for our health. We were given belts to wear for 6 days, which measured how much we were moving physically. Our parents also joined in on this task- they also enjoyed it.

Cinema/ice skating trip

On Tuesday the 14th of November we had the privilege to watch Boss Baby at the Odeon and after that we went ice skating at the Tropicana on the seafront. The movie was amazing and very funny; everyone enjoyed it. After that, we walked from the Odeon to the Tropicana (we all got soaked). Once we go to the Tropicana we enjoyed our lunch and we got our skates on and (literally) hit the ice! We all had the best time; it was really fun to have a fun day out with our class. After that, we enjoyed some sweets and came back via the coach. It was an amazing day, thank you from all of year 6!


Maths Competition Round 1

Recently, four pupils of Hutton School (Harry C , Billy , Lottie H and Sofia W) went to represent the school at a maths competition in Bristol. They had 3 challenges to complete in a limited time of 50 minutes in the Learning centre. In the end they got through to the 2nd round. We are waiting anxiously to hear how they get on – Good Luck from us!!!!

Written by Team 6’s class bloggers –  James T and Sam .


Term 1 – Year 6 is amazing, we met a nice teacher called Mrs Willoughby and she made everything fun even in boring lessons and we get on very well. After a few weeks in school, our new classroom was built, it looks amazing! When we moved in it was magical, a lovely new carpet was put in with beautiful windows, doors and a lovely new balustrade made of glass! We had lockers to store our stuff in. I love the new classroom so does Mrs Willoughby and everyone else.

Our topic for the next two terms is South America. We have been learning lots about South America and have been doing some really fun things. We’ve learnt all about the different countries, carnival in Brazil and studied the animals of the rainforest in our art lessons.

We have been reading ‘The Journey to the River Sea’ book, it is very interesting and it is based in the Amazon Rainforest.

In literacy we have been writing introductions for a quest stories based in the Amazon. These were really fun to write. We have learnt lots of new exciting grammar terms which we’ve all been putting into our writing. We’ve enjoyed writing descriptively and using lot of atmospheric language. We used research notes to help us imagine what it might be like to be in the Amazon.

At the beginning of term Mrs Willoughby arranged for a music teacher to come in and teach us how to play Samba. Our piece of music is the style that they would play in a South American carnival. It was very loud and we had to follow the teacher’s instructions! It was cool.


We’ve already had a really good school trip. We went to the Lifeskills centre in Bristol which was absolutely amazing. In there, they taught us DRAB which means ‘danger, response, airways and breathing’.  The actual place looked like a movie set, it was amazing. When we walked into different rooms and scenarios, they taught us everything we needed to know about responsibility and hazards in the environment.


Take a look at the activities we did –

Our favourite week so far was out Bikeability cycle safety week. During our Bikeability sessions, we went on the road and we learnt all about road safety for cyclists. For example, we learnt how to turn out the junction. It was really fun! In the end we all passed and we all got a badge and a booklet for reaching level 2 (the top level there was).


Next term: Next term we are going to present our class worship (celebration worship) we are aiming to have the best worship ever from our students from team 6. We are continuing with our South America topic…we are going to be writing discussion texts based around Maradona and his ‘hand of god’ goal. We can’t wait!!!!

Written by Team 6’s class bloggers: James T and Sam.