Year 6

 Welcome to year 6’s class page. We are very excited and ready to head into our final year at Hutton. We have lots of exciting activities and trips planned throughout the year, so please keep checking this page for photos and comments from class members. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are supported in our daily maths lessons by Mrs Kuht.

Year 6 Production 2019                                                             

Term 3 – Civil Rights Movements in USA Knowledge Organiser

Term 2 – Windrush and Racism Knowledge Organiser

The children have been working incredibly hard this term and we have covered a lot of new learning.  We have seen and heard some amazing mathematical discussions as we have used our brains to struggle to understand simplifying, adding and subtracting fractions – we will shortly be moving onto dividing and multiplying them.

Our English lessons this term have focused on the experience of either a slave or slave owner.  Some brilliant (and emotive) atmospheric language was incorporated into their writing and they have successfully used some technical topic language.  The children were given free rein to choose their own genre of narrative writing and it has been great to see them use spellings from the year 5/6 spelling list as well as words learnt within guided reading in their work.

Topic has moved on from slavery to the Windrush and the experiences of many of the people that travelled from the Americas to Britain in 1948.  We have explored the reason for this migration of people and compared environments in the Caribbean to those in Leeds and London where many settled at the time.  The children have written a diary entry in the voice of a passenger arriving late at night in June 1948 – they were so well written that it was easy to imagine the thoughts and feelings of the author.

The Gospels have been explored in RE with the big question of “What would Jesus do?”  We considered various parables from the Bible, such as The Wise and Foolish Builders, Matthew 7:24-27 and Healing the Centurion’s Servant, Luke 7:1-10 to understand Christian values for living and how they put Jesus’ good news into action in the world today.

We are very much enjoying rehearsing for the Young Voices Concert in Birmingham next month and have been busy learning all the moves that go with the words.

Please keep practising over the Christmas break.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Term 1 – Empire and Slave Trade Knowledge Organiser

Well our feet haven’t touched the ground since coming back from our well-deserved break.  The children are very engaged by our current topic of “Empire and Slavery” and are enjoying writing up their homework research into explanation texts of their chosen colonised country.  We are also flying through our maths and have conquered long multiplication using both the expanded and formal methods – they just need to keep practising with TimesTable Rockstars to stop those sneaky calculation errors.

We have had trips galore which have all been thoroughly enjoyed.  We consolidated our learning on empire and saw some of the sights of slavery during our visit to the Museum of London Docklands and we sketched various figures of anti-slavery in the National Portrait Gallery.  The children behaved exceedingly well, given the extremely early morning and long bus journey.

A real treat was to spend the night at Mendip Outdoor Pursuits – we tried our hands at toboganning, skiing, kayaking and open canoeing.  We managed to dodge most of the rain, but some still ended up far wetter than they should have!!

Our next visit, but not our last which is yet to come, was to view The Knitted Bible Exhibition at St James’ Church in Winscombe.  We saw some amazing displays of Bible parables created by some talented knitters – the children surprised themselves with how many they recognised and could retell the stories by drawing on RE lessons and worships in school.