Eco Council

Eco council Roles and responsibilities

Our roles and responsibilities include:

  • Encourage the school community to save electricity.
  • Encourage the school community to recycle paper, card, plastic etc.
  • Encourage the school community to keep the school grounds clean and tidy. Ensure that there is no litter on the ground.
  • Protect and look after the wildlife in the school grounds.
  • Report to the school during collective worship once a term.

Activities this term – Autumn 2013

We have been thinking about the birds that we find in our gardens and how we can help them survive the winter months. With the dark, cold days of winter approaching us fast we will be making sure that we have plenty of food out in the school grounds for them to eat. In the New Year we will be making some fat balls that we will hang around the school grounds for the birds to feed on.