Emergency/Extreme Weather

Despite the weather forecast for possible snow, school will endeavour to remain OPEN. The Headteacher will make a decision by 7.45am if the school is to close, and the website (www.huttonceprimaryschool.co.uk) and answerphone will be updated to give full details if this position changes.

Parents/carers are also advised to listen to local radio stations for information and alterations to the pattern of the school provision and/or check the school website or listen to the school answer machine after 7.45am.

In the event of weatehr conditions worsening whilst children are at school, parents can continue to check the above sources for information. If it was decided that the shcool would need to be closed, staff will remain on the premises until all children are collected. No child will be sent home early unless met by a parent. Parents must notify the school if they are giving a friend /relative permission to collect their child/ren/


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