Laptop ‘Stolen’!

School has been a hive of activity today after it was discovered that Mrs Amos’ laptop has gone missing from her office! Year 6 led the hunt for clues and information and narrowed it down to 5 suspects.

Each class then had anĀ element of the investigation to carry out in order to work out who the culprit was!

Reception – worked out which scissors were used to cut up the note that was left.

Year 1 – had to take hair samples and decide whose hair was left in Mrs Amos’ office

Year 2 – matched footprints to those found in the office

Year 3 – analysed handwriting

Year 4 – gathered & analysed fingerprints

Year 5 – investigated which pen was used by the culprit

Year 6 – gathered further information by interviewing suspects, trying to break passwords on memory sticks and brought all other pieces of information together!


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