Welcome to Reception! This is our first year at Hutton and we are very busy learning lots of new things through all of our wonderful play activities. Our Reception teacher is Mrs Gooch. Mrs Carpenter and Mrs Warner are our teaching assistants. 

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Term 5 & 6 Curriculum Map

Term 6

In Term 5 the children have been thinking about different aspects that make up ‘Our Wonderful World’. They have learned about how to sort different materials for recycling, and how we can look after our classroom, outdoor area and school. We used the opportunity of some rainy, damp days to find and learn about different minibeasts and their habitats in the school grounds, and spent time making a clay minibeast model. We then learned the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, and using the techniques of ‘Talk for Writing’, the children invented and wrote their own versions of the story. In class we had some caterpillars, which turned into pupaes and finally some beautiful moths. The class was also interested to observe the tadpoles developing into froglets, and then watched them being released into the school pond. 

Using the story ‘Bringing the Rain to Katapiti Plain’, the class has also begun to learn about Kenya, and to think about the differences and similarities with where we live. Mrs Whiting came to visit the class to share her photos and experiences of visiting Dabaso in Kenya, the village with which Hutton is twinned. 

Term 4

It has been brilliant to see all the children return  to school this term, and to watch everyone re-establish friendships, laugh and have lots of fun together, and settle back into the school routine. This term we have been learning the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children learned actions to re-tell the story, drew story maps and begun their own versions of the story.  We have planted beans, sunflowers, peas and other vegetables and flowers. At the end of Term 4 we have been learning about the Easter story, making hot cross buns and creating Easter gardens.  We have also welcomed a new member of staff, Miss Cox, who will be in Reception every morning. 

Term 3

This term some of the class have been learning at home and some children have been in school. It has been wonderful to see the learning at home via Tapestry. Everyone has been invited to join in with a daily Teams meeting, to play games, see each other and share learning so that the children continued to feel part of a class, even though we weren’t able to see each other in real life. Our theme this term has been ‘Up, Up and Away’ and the children have heard and responded to several stories around this theme – Bob (A day in the life of the man on the moon), How to Catch a star, Beegu and Whatever Next. They have also explored things that fly –  making aeroplanes, bubbles and balloons – and have been bird watching and making bird feeders.  

curric-map-T3 & T4

Term 2

Our term started with ‘The Enormous Turnip’! The children learned actions to retell the story and explored different movements and music. They investigated different kinds of vegetables and ordered them by size and weight. 

In Reception we use the ‘Helicopter stories’ technique to encourage the children to develop and perform their own stories. This class has been very keen to take part in these and some of the children have begun to write down their own stories too! Almost daily we are lucky enough to have a performance of someone’s story. 

During this term we have learned about different traditions and celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Remembrance. I was very proud of our Reception children as they took part in our socially distanced remembrance service outside with the rest of the school.

Performing the nativity for our families was not possible this year but the children have learned about the Nativity story in other ways, one of which was a ‘nativity walk’ around the school grounds where the children heard different parts of the story as they walked.  

I was also really proud of Reception’s enthusiasm for ‘home learning’ when our bubble burst and we had to stay at home for 6 days. The children worked hard at home and it was wonderful to see what you were doing via Tapestry. Well done!

Reception curric-map-T2 2020-21

Term 1

The Reception children are settling into school brilliantly –  getting to know the adults who work with them and each other, and exploring the classroom and the outdoor area.   As part of getting to know each other, each child will be invited to share a photo of someone who is special to them. The children have been learning to tell the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and went on their own ‘bear hunt’ at school. We will also explore the theme of ‘autumn’ this term.

We look forward to learning more about each other!.

Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Zoom Parents Information session on Wednesday 7th October. For those that weren’t able to join, a copy of the presentation is available here.

There will be a Zoom information session for parents about Phonics on Wednesday 11th November at 6pm.