Distance Learning – Year 1

Week 17- Week beg 13th July 2020

Hello Year 1 🙂

Well, we have made it to the summer holidays! What a strange year it has been, but I really have been so incredibly proud of how well you have all coped over the past months. You have been absolute superstars and I feel very proud to have been your teacher, no matter how short the actual time we were able to spend together.

This weeks planning is here. Our mini project is all about keeping safe in the sun and water. We hope you have a wonderful time over the summer and cannot wait to see you all back in September 🙂

There are some super booklets which have just been released by White Rose Maths – please take a look at them and perhaps use them as revision for this year, or preparation for next year –https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/primary-resources/parent-workbooks/

Stay safe, stay wonderful and have lots of fun,

Love Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 16 – Week beg 6th July 2020

Hello Year 1 🙂

I hope you are all safe and well. We have a very important mini project to be working on this week – Online Safety. Now, I know that you were all amazing with your knowledge of how to keep safe online earlier in the year, but it is important that we revisit this frequently. I hope you enjoy the activities that Mrs Lovely has found and I look forward to seeing your learning. This weeks planning can be found here.

We are missing those of you that are not back in school, but we talk about you all often, so you are certainly not forgotten!

Take care and keep being amazing superstars,

Love Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 15 – Week beg 29th June 202

Another week! We are missing those of you who are learning at home, so much. We hope you are all well – it was lovely to speak to lots of you this week and find out how you all are. We have been busy at school doing the same work as you are set for home and we thought you might like to see some of what we have been up to. You can see some photos here and here of our All About Me work. Here are some of our Non Chronological reports and our Butterfiles and Poppies paintings .

We had a visit from Rosie the Tarantula, whom Mrs Drinkwater kindly brought in to show us as we were studying Sidney Spider 🙂

This weeks learning can be found here – I hope you enjoy – please remember to email any wonderful work you have done 🙂

Take care,

Love Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 14 – Week beg 22nd June 2020

Hello again Year 1 🙂 It was so lovely to chat with some of you this week and see how well you have been doing. I am so proud of you all – you are being amazing! I will call the rest of you throughout this week and look forward to hearing what you have all been up to.

The planning for this week can be found here. I hope you enjoy this week – it’s all about celebrating YOU!

Have fun and take care – we miss you all,

Love Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 13 – Week beg 15th June 2020

Hello Year 1 🙂 I hope everyone is well – it has been lovely to see some of you back at school this week! We have been thinking lots about those of you who are still learning from home and cannot wait for when we are able to be back as a class again. We miss seeing everyone but know that it’s not going to be forever!

I hope you enjoyed writing your Treasure Box poems last week- we came up with some fantastic ideas at school and the children worked really hard at presenting their work beautifully!

This week we have a Geography mini topic and will be revisiting some of our previous learning as well as finding out about the weather. We also start a new story called Sidney Spider – I hope you enjoy 🙂 You can find the planning here.

I am going to be ringing those of you who are learning from home over the next few weeks to catch up, as we were so busy getting the school ready before half term, I didn’t get a chance to ring you as I had planned to – I’m sorry! I’m looking forward to hearing how you all are.

We are missing you lots,

Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 12 – Week beg 8th June 2020

I am so excited to be seeing some of you soon 🙂

 If you are returning to school, although it will be quite different from what we are used to, I know we will still be able to enjoy our learning. If you are staying at home for the moment, please keep emailing me to let me know what you have been up to. I will still be setting your home learning each week and will checking up on how you all are…there is no escape 🙂

There will be many different feelings this week as we return to school, and for those of you that are staying at home, you may find it strange that some of us are back in the classroom! To help us talk about how we might be feeling I have an activity you may like to try if you are learning from home. If you are at school we will look at this together, but you may still like to talk about it when you are back home with your adult. There are some vocabulary feelings cards linked to the activity, which you can find here.

This week’s learning can be found here. We hope you have a lovely week and stay safe. We miss you all,

Love Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 11 – Week beg 1st June 2020

Hello Year One 🙂

I hope you have had a lovely week and had lots of fun!

I have found the most wonderful website, which I would like to share with you, just in case you haven’t come across it yet. There are many ideas for outdoor activities – please join in the fun! https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/30-days-wild-homeschooling. There is  a link to a weekly video too.

Your weekly learning can be found here. I hope you enjoy! Remember what little superstars you are 🙂

Love from Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 10 – Week beg 25th May 2020

Happy Half Term Year One 🙂 We hope you are able to have lots of fun in the sunshine! Keep being fabulous 🙂

Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 9 – Week beg 18th May 2020

Hello Year 1 🙂 Goodness me – it is almost half term! Where have April and May gone? I hope you are all well. It has been super to see the lovely pictures, paintings and cards you have been making as part of your Young Leaders work this week. The pride you have taken over your work is super to see – well done!

Before we look at this weeks new learning, I wanted to share this website with you all – https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/ If you haven’t already discovered this, please have a look. There are lots of fabulous books to listen to and read along with. I hope you enjoy!

This weeks planning is here. Our mini project this week is based on Relationships and people who are special to us. You can find a worksheet here and here which you can use if you would like to, although I am happy for you to present your learning in any way you would like to! I hope you enjoy your learning and look forward to seeing what you have been up to 🙂

White rose maths worksheets can be found here – Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 and Lesson 4.

I have uploaded a guided reading session powerpoint with a new book, Ella the Superstar. I hope you enjoy reading it! There are questions on the powerpoint, just as we would talk about the book in class. You can talk with your adult about the questions, or write your answers in your red books if you would rather.

And finally for this week, you can find some Phonics sessions that are similar to how we learn Phonics in class which I thought you might like to have a look at. I hope you enjoy them 🙂 Lesson 7, Lesson 8, Lesson 9, Lesson 10 and Lesson 11. You might like to do these instead of Spelling Shed this week or obviously you can do both activities 🙂

We hope you have a wonderful week – we are missing you!

Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 8 – Week beg 11th May 2020

Hello Year 1 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful week learning about VE Day with your family, and hopefully will be able to have your own celebration today. I absolutely loved seeing what you have been up to!

We now have a slightly different planning format which you can see here. Each week there will be a mini project we would like you to focus on. Sometimes it may be a joint project across the school, like we had for VE Day, but for this week it will be our Young Leaders work for our class. You can find all the details on the planning grid.

Worksheets for White Rose Maths are no longer available on their website. Instead, please access them here – Lesson 1, Lesson2, Lesson 3 and Lesson 4

Reading Comprehension can be found here. Again, there are 3 levels so please pick one that is suitable for your child’s reading ability. As I have a new puppy I thought you might be able to help me learn how to care for it 🙂 If you would like to meet Arlo, you can find him here!

As always, please email me if there are any queries or if you would just like a chat and of course to show me what you have been up to! I will give you all a call again next week to see how you all are. Keep being amazing 🙂

Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 7 – Week beg 4th May 2020

It has been wonderful to see all the work you have been doing this week. You are all being superstars – well done, Year 1! I have been very impressed by the beautiful Sunflower paintings/ drawings you have been sending me and your seeds seem to be growing very well indeed! Keep up the super work – I love seeing what you have been up to.

We have a very special week ahead for you 🙂 To mark the 75th anniversary of VE day, we are asking that you work together as a family for this week’s mini project.

There will be an additional page under the School Closure tab – ‘VE Day Home Learning’. On this page, you will find additional information about the project. We hope you can enjoy working together to celebrate this important historical event.

I would like you to continue to work on Spelling Shed and Numbots please as well as your daily reading. There will also be the daily White Rose Maths activities https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/that I would like you to complete. The VE page has links to a reading comprehension that will help your child understand why we celebrate VE Day.

If you then head on over to the VE Day home learning page there will be many ideas for activities that you can work on as a family. If you could email me any photos of your week that would be fantastic. Please let me know if you are happy for yours to be shared on our website and Facebook pages.

We hope you have a fantastic week and cannot wait to find out what you have been enjoying doing!

Mrs Storer and Mrs Walker

Week 6 week beg 27th April 2020

Hello again Year One 🙂 I have really enjoyed talking to you and your parents over the last week – Mrs Walker and I really are missing you all, but it was so lovely to hear from you and know you are all keeping safe and well.

Here are some more activities for you to complete this week. A big thank you to those of you who are emailing me to let me know what you have done – I love seeing what you have been up to!

Phonics – I know that Mrs Lovely has already posted this information on the main website page, but just a reminder that you are able to access Phonics Play free with the following – Username: march20
Password: home At school we are working on Phase 5 as a class, so if you would like your child to access these activities, they will already be familiar with lots of them! These are designed to be quick sessions, so we spend approximately 15/20 minutes per day. Some children have additional Phonics sessions during the day, so you may find it useful to revise the sounds and games from phase 3 and 4 as well. Any queries, please feel free to email me and I can talk to you more specifically about your own child.

English – I hope you enjoyed reading/ listening to Jack and the Beanstalk last week – it’s one of my favourite stories 🙂

This week I would like you all to read a copy of the story from here and then answer some questions on it. There are 3 versions of the story and 3 different sets of questions so pick the level you feel happy with. If you cannot / would rather not print out the questions, then please can you use your red books to record your answers in. Please remember to write neatly, remembering tall letters and clear finger spaces. See – I can still nag you from afar 🙂

Can you also please think of 3 questions that you would like to ask the Giant and /or Jack from the story and write these in your red books. Remember to use a capital letter to begin your question and use question marks at the end of each sentence. Try to think of ‘open’ questions so they couldn’t just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to them. For example, you could ask Jack ‘Were you scared when you heard the giant?’ He might then reply ‘Yes’, but if you asked him ‘How did you feel when you heard the giant?’ he might reply ‘I felt absolutely terrified!’

Mathshttps://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/  Please complete these short daily lessons and the activities that go alongside them.

ScienceDid you enjoy planting your seeds/beans?  Remember to log any changes in your plant diary on Purple Mash please if you are completing one section at a time.

Look at  – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpxnyrd/articles/z3wpsbk – parts of a plant and their function plus a quick quiz.

See if you can go for a walk one day this week with your adult. Can you investigate how many different wild plants you can find when you are out? Remember not to pick any plants please – just look. There is a recording sheet here if you wish to use one.

Purple MashPlease log in to see this week’s new 2do’s. These need to be completed by next Monday please. I look forward to seeing all your work!

Quizizz Plants 939955

ArtVincent Van Gogh is famous for many pieces of artwork that he created, but I would like you to find out about just one of his famous paintings – Sunflowers. The following link will give you some information about this artist and I would like you to have a go at recreating the Sunflowers painting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zdyr87h You might do this using art tools on Purple Mash, maybe draw a sketch in your red books or paint your picture. You might even like to make a sculpture – which ever you choose, have fun 🙂

MusicI have your usernames and passwords for Charanga now – our music scheme that we use at school. If you email me, I can send them out to you so you can enjoy the sessions at home now.

I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂

Week 5  week beg 20th April 2020

Hello Year One 🙂 I hope you all had a lovely Easter and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine in your gardens or during some walks.

This week sees the start of Term 5 and we would be starting a new topic in class so there will be lots of new learning over the next few weeks, but it is still important to log in to Numbots and Spelling Shed each week to continue with that learning as well please. Obviously, I would still like you to be reading every day as well as listening to lots of stories. Remember to try to get some exercise with Joe Wicks each morning or try a GoNoodle for a change!

Look at the following link for reading books online. There are many books from your colour book band and some new ones that we do not have at school. Please stick to your colour book band at the moment – https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Our new topic is called ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ and is science based which will be exciting! You can see the Knowledge Organiser here.  I hope you enjoy the activities for this week. Keep safe and well, and remember you can email me so I can see some of the work you have been doing (yearone@huttonceprimaryschool.co.uk). I will be calling you all over the next week to find out how you all are 🙂

English – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/jack-and-the-beanstalk-ebook-tp-l-52314 –read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The link will take you to a version on Twinkl, but you might prefer to read your own version that you have at home or join in with your adult retelling the story verbally. Please then draw a story map to show me the story. Remember this only needs to be pictures – you are not retelling the story in words yet.

Please write out the London’s Burning song again in your red books. See if you can improve your handwriting from your last attempt. Remember those tall letters and clear finger spaces.

Science – To begin with, we are going to look at growing a bean. So if possible, I would like you to plant a bean and keep a record of it growing. Maybe take a photo each week to show any changes you can see. It does not matter if you do not have any bean seeds – you can grow anything! If you have any extra beans/ seeds try growing a plant in a dark cupboard and see what happens. You might like to plant your bean in some soil, or perhaps you would like to pop it into a jam jar so you can see how it changes over time. Remember to put some paper towel around the edge of the jam jar to help the water soak up and for the bean to have something to attach itself to. If you have 2 beans you could try both ways of planting!

Maths – https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/  Please complete these short daily lessons.

A fun game to help practise your number bonds for 10 and 20 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD028NO-ZGc&list=PLWIJ2KbiNEyoBDc5yLJ4PaiaY3o5E5xCB&index=5&t

Purple Mash – Please log in to see this week’s new 2do’s. These need to be completed by next Monday please. I look forward to seeing all your work!

Quizizz –Please can I ask that you either use your real names when playing the quiz or email me your usernames…otherwise it is very hard for me to know who some of you are! Apologies for the link not working on the previous Materials quiz.  Hopefully this one will! Some revision this week, so that you retain the knowledge you were learning over the previous terms-

Materials 331289

United Kingdom 497424

I hope you all have a good week – keep being superstars:)

Week 3 and 4 – Easter Holidays

Hello Year 1 and parents,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is now officially the Easter holidays, so no home learning. Instead, I am adding some Easter activity ideas that you might like to do over the next fortnight. There is no need to record anything unless you would like to:) I hope you have a lovely time with your family and enjoy some Easter eggs!

Tune in each day at 11am and listen to some wonderful stories – https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

A discussion with your family – What is your favourite time of the day and why? / Who would you give your last sweet to and why?

Try making an Easter Garden with your family. There are some fabulous ideas on this websitehttp://www.norrisbank.stockport.sch.uk/?page_id=1353

Easter nests are yummy https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/shredded-wheat-nests

Week 2

Hello Year 1:)

I hope you are all staying safe and being good! Are you enjoying learning from home and showing your parents how amazing you are with all your knowledge? It is important to keep practising those number bonds to 10 and 20 please and as always, I would like you to be reading daily as well as being read to. At school we try to read at least 2 or 3 stories a day don’t we, so it is important to try and keep this up at home. Snuggle up and enjoy those stories:)

Mrs Walker and I are missing you lots – we are enjoying seeing all your work on Purple Mash. You are doing very well – Keep up the good work!

This week I would like you to do the following please –

Quizizz – go to https://quizizz.com/join and enter the codes below to access the relevant quiz.

The Great Fire of London 067413

Everyday Materials 27004

Look at the following link for lots of online games to help you practice your phonics https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/letters-and-sounds

Daily Maths please


There will be 1 lesson per day to complete please. You can either record your answers in your red books or can discuss with your mums or dads like you do with your talk partners at school. Parents – please make a note in the red books to say you have discussed the activities with your child if they do not record the answers. Thank you:)

DT – Please build a model of London, a house or St Paul’s Cathedral from 1666. You might use Lego or junk materials. Take a photograph or draw a picture if the model is too large to bring into school!Once you have made your model have a think about how you could make it even better next time and write a review of your model in your red exercise books for me.

Writing – In your red books, please write a story about an Orangutan who has an adventure. Remember to use a range of descriptive and wow words to make your story exciting for the reader. Please use your best handwriting and remember lovely tall letters and clear finger spaces. You can check on the handwriting sheet for any letters you are unsure of. I’m really looking forward to reading all your stories:)

Week 1 – Hello Year 1 🙂

Please could you make sure you are reading everyday and recording in your yellow books that you have read. Remember to ask an adult to read some fabulous stories to you too:)

I would also like you to practice your spellings on Spelling Shed daily, along with your number bonds for 10 and 20 so that you are super speedy when we are back at school!

Quizizz – go to https://quizizz.com/join and enter the codes below to access the relevant quiz.

Great Fire of London 569275

Seasons 067754

Number bonds to ten 477871

The Great United Kingdom Quiz 883133

Listen to some of the music our class composer wrote – see the Knowledge Organiser below for Vivaldi.

Please remember to look on Purple Mash for 2do tasks.

To keep active you can sign up to GoNoodle for free and try a variety of activities www.gonoodle.com

Please copy out the London’s Burning song that you brought home with your red exercise book. Copy this out into your red book, making sure that you look carefully at the letter heights , spellings and finger spaces.

Cbeebies magazine and National Geographic for Kids are both interesting reads and full of information and activites.