Distance Learning – Year 4

Term 6 Week 7 (13/6/20202)

Hello Year 4! How is the end of Term already! We have made it to the summer holidays! Yay! I know this year had not gone quite how we may have expected it to but I have to say I have been so very proud of you all over the last few months! Well done, I know this hasn’t been easy for any of you – you are a real bunch of super stars! I have absolutely loved talking to you on the phone and receiving all your emails and work. You are an absolutely amazing class and I cannot wait to see you all in September when we will some time together before you move to Year 5. A huge well done and thank you to all the adults at home who have been working really hard with you at home – all of you deserve an amazing summer holiday and a lovely restful break! Stay safe and have lots of fun,

Miss you all very much, Mrs Smith xxx

This weeks planner can be found here

Term 6 Week 6 (6/6/2020)

Hi Year Four! I hope you are all well. How can it be week 6 of Term 6 already! Thank you to all of you who have been sending me emails – I am loving reading them and seeing some of the fabulous pictures you send me. Keep them coming! I have enjoyed speaking to some of you this week – I will speak to those of you I didn’t speak to last week this week.

The planner for this week is here. This week we are going to be writing our story using King of the Fishes as inspiration. Our topic this week is a whole school Online Safety focus. There are lots of video clips to watch and some purple Mash activities as I know you are really enjoying using it.

Have a great week and keeping being super stars – you are making me very proud!

Missing you lots, Mrs Smith x

Term 6 Week 5 (29/6/2020)

Hello Year Four! I hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine last week! Thank you for the wonderful stories that were sent in either via email or on Purple Mash. I have LOVED reading them- you have clearly been working really hard and enjoyed the story! Well done! I have also seen some fabulous All About Me books too, I have been super impressed! I have also really enjoyed speaking to some of you this week and talking about all the things you have been up to. I look forward to speaking to some of you again this week!

The planner for this week can be found here. All links are on the planner. This week we are beginning a new English topic. The new story we will be exploring is King of the Fishes. Our topic this week is RE. You will be looking at two bible stories and completing some different activities about each one. Don’t forget to send me some of your work to the Year Four email, I really love to see what you have been up to.

Have a super week Year Four – missing you ever so much, you are all super stars! Mrs Smith x

Term 6 Week 4 (22/6/2020)

Hi Year Four! I hope you all have had a great weekend. It has been really lovely speaking to some of you this week and hearing all about what you have been up to. If I didn’t get to chat to you last week, I will try to call you this week. Thank you for all the emails of work that you have sent me – I have seen some fantastic Positivity Jars, some super Geography work and some exciting spy gadgets! Keep up the hard work – you are all super stars!

This weeks planner is here. There have been some technical difficulties this week with the website – if you cannot access the links, please email me and I will send you the activities you need. This week you will be planning and writing your own spy story! I cannot wait to read them! Your topic this week is called All About Me and is an opportunity for you to celebrate all the amazing things about you and to set yourself some goals for next school year and for your future! The work you do will be passed on to your Year Five teacher so please do send copies to me so I can print them off and give them to your teacher for next year.

This weeks Quizizz –

Pounds and pence – 5210028 Inverted Commas – 0218151 Times Tables – 5261138

Have a fabulous week everyone! Missing you all, Mrs Smith x

Term 6 Week 3 (15/6/2020)

Hello Year Four! I hope you enjoyed your art project last week? I have seen some wonderful examples of salt dough creations and some really creative information posters that have been sent to me – thank you! I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing.

This weeks learning can be found here. This week your English work is carrying on with the planning and preparations for writing your own story writing. This weeks mini topic is a geography based topic where you will be recapping some key geographical skills such as compass and map work as well as challenging your knowledge on capital cities and flags! I hope you enjoy it. There is also some PSHME this week practising how to be positive.

I look forward to seeing some of the work you send me.

Have a super week. Missing you all very much, Mrs Smith x

Term 6 Week 2 (8/6/2020)

Hi Year Four! I hope you had a great week last week and enjoyed the weekend.

This weeks learning can be found here – all the links you need are on the sheet for you. Our English this week carries on from the work you did last week around the story Mission Possible – you may like to re read the story to remind yourself. Our mini topic this week is an art based topic about the artist/architect Gaudi. There are lots of different activities for you to learn about him and his works as well as having a go at creating some yourself! I look forward to seeing some pictures of your creations. I have also set some PSHME this week to help put a smile on your faces by celebrating things that make you happy! Thank you for all the emails you have been sending me – I love seeing all the work you have been doing. Keep them coming!

If you need an ebook to read this week why not try this one – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-e-4535-the-wyrmstooth-crown-ebook

Have a great week Year Four.

Missing you all, Mrs Smith x

Term 6 Week 1 (1/6/2020)

Hi Year Four! Term 6 already! Goodness me! I hope you have all had a lovely half term? Thank you so much to all of you who took part in the amazing video ‘hello’ that you made for me. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! It made me miss you all so much more than I already do! Thank you xx I am so very proud of all the hard work you did last term – you are all absolutely amazing. Please keep in touch via the year four email and keep sending me your fabulous work until we can all be together again – fingers crossed it will be soon!

This term we are going to continue with the same home learning style that we started last term. You will have TT Rockstars and White Rose maths lessons each day – the videos are on the White Rose website and the worksheet and answers have links on the learning grid. You will continue with Spelling Shed, your reading comprehension and ERIC. There will be a mini topic each week with activities to be doing; this week is a science topic based around learning how to classify animals. There will also be a PSHME activity too. Our English is changing but I know you will enjoy it! Your learning and activities will be based around a story. We will use the same story for a few weeks. Lots of the activities are the type of activities we have done in school before. The story and the downloadable activities are all on the learning grid. Click here for this week’s learning grid. All the links you need for activities are hyperlinked on the grid.

Have a fabulous week Year Four,

Missing you, Mrs Smith xx

Happy Half Term Year 4! I hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy the lovely sunshine! No learning set this week – I want you all to have a rest from all the fabulous work you have been doing! You have all made me very proud with all the great work you have been doing and I have loved seeing all the pictures you have sent and reading the emails you have sent me.

Missing you all very much, Mrs Smith x

Year 4 Home Learning

T5 Week 5 (18/5/2020)

Hi Year 4! I hope you are all well and had a great weekend! Thank you for sending me pictures of your amazing earthquake work last week and submitting some super posters on Purple Mash! Well done!

This week we are doing a PSHME mini project celebrating people who are special to us. Click here for your work this week.

Have a great week Year 4!

Missing you all, Mrs Smith x

This weeks downloads:

Maths – White Rose Home Learning. Daily videos are online.

Lesson 1 worksheet and answers

Lesson 2  worksheet and answers

Lesson 3 worksheet and answers

Lesson 4 worksheet and answers


Reading comprehension

Prepositions activity 1 and activity 2


Power point

Resource   2   3

Some fun extras if you would like:

www.mathplayground.com/math-games.html – lots of fun maths games on here.

http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/exhibits/webcams visit these live webcams to see all sorts of marine life. Maybe you could draw some and do some research about your favourite one.

Year 4 Home Learning

T5 Week 4 (11/5/2020)

Hello Year 4! I hope you have all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend celebrating VE day! Thank you for all the wonderful photographs and emails that you sent in. We loved seeing them. I hope you have seen the video montage of some of them put together accompanied by Mr Holderway singing. It was lovely! A big thank you to Mrs Lovely for putting it together!

This week we are continuing with the same format of learning as we did last week with the VE day project. Click here to see your work for this week. Each day you are set some spelling, reading and maths activities and then each week we will set a mini topic for you to complete through the week. There will also be some SPAG learning activities each week too. Hopefully this layout will make it easier to see what you need to do each week and not seem too overwhelming. This weeks mini topic is continuing with our geography topic and your learning is all about EARTHQUAKES!!!

Click on the links below for all the resources you will need this week:

Reading Comprehension, Fronted Adverbials worksheet, Expanded Noun Phrases worksheet. White Rose (Videos on line at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/) Lesson 1 Answers, Lesson 2 Answers, Lesson 3 Answers, Lesson 4 Answers, Earthquake Powerpoint, Cross Sectional Drawing, Tectonic Plates activity, Fact File, Word Search.

A couple of fun extras if you would like to:

Why not try this website for lots of fun quizzes and games to play


Why not try some yoga! I have been doing some at home and really enjoyed it – it is very relaxing. If you click on the You Tube option you can join in with the sessions. https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/?duration=short&changed=duration

Have a great week Year Four! Keep in touch by sending me emails to our class email address. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you have been up to!

Missing you all,

Mrs Smith x

Year 4 Home Learning

T5 Week 3 (4/5/2020)

Hi Year 4! Welcome to another week of Home Learning. Thank you for sending me some lovely pictures and videos of your work from last week- I really enjoyed seeing them.

This week we have a different, but very exciting, week in store for you! We are going to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Please click here for your weeks activities. Also visit the VE Day page of our school website for you topic work. Click on these for your homophones activity and your fronted adverbials work. Don’t forget to send me picture of your fabulous learning. Please make sure to say if you do not want your work or pictures published on our school website. I will look forward to seeing what you all create!

Just a quick reminder – when using Quizizz please make sure you use a name that I will recognise otherwise I can’t log if you have been playing!

Have a fabulous week Year 4! Missing you all lots,

Mrs Smith x

Year 4 Home Learning

T5 Week 2 (27/4/2020)

Hi Year 4! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed starting our new topic last week. I am sad that we can’t be doing this altogether at school as I know how much you would be enjoying learning about these exciting geographical features!

This week we are going to do some further learning about Volcanoes and begin to plan some explanation texts.

I look forward to seeing some of the work you send me. Have a great week.

Missing you all,

Mrs Smith  x


  • Use this Power point to find out how to write an explanation text.
  • Then have a look at some of these examples and see if you can spot the features from this list. In your exercise book, write the title of the text and which features, with an example, that you found.
  • Then watch this video clip about writing a good explanation


  • Using this boxing up grid and using your knowledge form last week’s Geography work, box up your ideas for your explanation text about volcanoes erupting. We will be writing them next week.  
  • Reading – please remember to ERIC every day and read aloud to a parent for at least 5 minutes every day. Maybe you could try this e-book for your ERIC this week https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/the-pack-of-pompeii-ebook-t-tp-2548618
  • Reading Comprehension – Read the explanation text about the life cycle of a butterfly. I would like you to challenge yourself and do the 2 star text and questions on pages 4-5. If you would like more of a challenge then you can try the 3 star text on pages 7,8,9.
  • Spellings on Spelling Shed and in Purple Mash 2 Dos.


  • Daily White Rose videos and lessons https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/
  • TTRS – at least 5 minutes of Sound Check please and then you can play the other games too.
  • Purple Mash 2Dos – Monster Multiplication, 6 x table Speed Test, 6 X table recall, Sequence Snake
  • BBC Super movers – 6 x Tables with Fred the Red!
  • Multiplication Quizizz – 773769   540791


  • Watch these BBC Learning Zone videos clips and then do the quiz


  • Watch these 2 Video clips from BBC 2. Use them as inspiration to write a diary entry as either Kate and the volcanologist or Dr Hugh Tuffen recounting what you did and what you saw on your adventure. I have set a 2write on Purple Mash for you to write your entry on.



  • Volcanoes True or False sorting activity. Either print and cut and stick into your exercise book or copy them to make your own version.
  • Why not have a go at making your own volcano? You must ask an adult first and to help you! I would love to see some pictures of these! Write about what you did in your exercise book and draw a picture of your experiment.
  • Friday Quiz on Quizizz – 020391


Thinking about your learning about Pentecost, answer the following question;

  • What if Jesus had ascended and NOT sent his spirit? Describe what difference it might have made to the disciples (and Christians today) if Jesus had said: ‘I’m off — you’re on your own. Be good!’

Record your answers in any way you wish – voice recording, video, animation, writing! Please do send in your work to the YearFour email address.

Watch my video on the school YouTube channel (Hutton CE Primary KMAT) showing you how to access and use our new Year 4 blog, add to the blog once you have watched! I look forward to seeing your responses!


Don’t forget to keep active. Remember to use Go Noodle and to join Joe Wicks every day for his work out. You could also look for Just Dance or Cosmic Kids Yoga on Kids Tube.



Term 5 Week 1

Hi Year 4, welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and got to enjoy some sunshine safely!

We are going to start our exciting new topic together; this term our topic is called Extreme Earth! You are going to be learning all about some exciting and extreme geographical features of our planet. Click here for your Knowledge Organiser for this term with lots of key topic vocabulary to learn that will help you with this topic. 


This term we are going to be writing explanation texts all about the geographical features of our planet that we are learning about but first we need to make sure that we have practised the grammar skills we will need to be able to write them. This week there are a number of activities for you to do to practise these skills.


  • White Rose daily maths lessons and activities https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/
  • TT Rock Stars – Sound Check please for at least 5 minutes a day and then play the other games
  • Purple Mash – 8x’s tables pairs, x’s Tables Mixture, Monster Multiplication, 3,4,8 X’s tables


This week you are going to be finding out about the first of the extreme geographical features of our planet – we are going to be learning about VOLCANOES!

RE – When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?

      Look at the ppt about Pentecost to recap your learning from last year.

In your exercise book answer these key questions;

Computing – Blogging!

This term we are going to be looking at blogging.

This week, please make a list of all of the positives and negatives about blogging. What is it good for? What are the problems with it? What are the online safety risks? How can we overcome them?


Have a great week and don’t forget you can email me on the year four email address – I would love to hear from you and see some of you fabulous work!

Missing you all,

Mrs Smith x

Easter Holidays!

Hello Year 4! I hope you are all well and enjoying the learning that I have set you? I really am missing you all ever so much! Please keep emailing me to let me know how you are getting on; if you have any questions; to show me some of your work or if you just want to have a chat! I would love to hear from you – even over the Easter break!

I am not setting weekly learning over the Easter holidays but there a few fun activities below that you may wish to have a go at. However, I would like you to keep up your daily reading and TT Rock Stars practise over the break. I will set new weekly learning activities from Monday 20th April.

Enjoy the Easter holidays everyone!

Happy Easter x

Week 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 4! I hope you are all well and enjoying being at home! I am really missing you all and am missing all our laughter! I hope you all managed to access the work last week and I cannot wait to read your stories about Shackleton!

Here is your work for this week.


  • Watch this video retelling the myth of Medusa then visit Purple Mash 2Do’s Medusa Myth to retell the story and explain the moral. Please do the writing in your exercise book.
  • Visit Purple Mash 2Do’s and play the grammar games – Past and Present to practise your use of pronouns and About a Wolf to practise using nouns, adjectives and adverbs.
  • Sign up to Oxford Owls (www.oxfordowl.co.uk   it is free!) then search for the ebook The Secret Garden. It is in book band 14. Read the ebook, you can also listen to the audio! Create a book review of the story. You can include pictures in your review. Use the subheadings: Title, Author, Genre, Characters, Setting, Plot Outline, Favourite Part and Why, Recommendation, Mark out of 5.
  • Log into your free Twinkl account and follow this link –

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-e-4933-lks2-easter-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity  – Read the information on Pages 1 and 2 and the questions are on page 3 (please answer them in your exercise book.) If you fancy more of a challenge read the information on pages 5 and 6 and answer the questions on pages 7 and 8.

  • Don’t forget to also do your daily reading to an adult as well as your ERIC time. Please log this in your yellow book.
  • Quizizz – Pronouns 184231    Nouns   693182
  • Spelling Shed activities have been loaded for you.


  • Follow this link to 5 lessons of maths for this week – they update on a Monday morning. This is following the lessons we would be doing in class and the questions look just like the ones we use. There are videos for each one to explain what you need to do and an activity for each one. If you are able to print the sheets then please do, otherwise put the answers in your exercise book. The answers are there for your parents!!!


  • Don’t forget to play on TTRS every day.
  • Visit Quizizz to play the quiz about tenths and hundreds – 762522
  • Use BBC Supermovers to dance along to the times tables especially the 6,7,8’s with Fred, Moonbeam and Flibert; also don’t forget to practise our favourite dance with Klara the Hen for the 11x’s tables and ‘shake those tail feathers!’
  • Visit Purple Mash 2Do’s – Monster Multiplication, Speed Test 7x, Musical Chairs 7x, Fraction Wall, Equivalent Fractions, Fractions on a Number Line.


Watch these 2 short video clips about the Easter story. Then either rewrite or draw a story map retelling the Easter story.




Join The Body Coach – Joe Wicks each morning at 9am on his YouTube channel to do half an hour PE. You can also continue with your Go Noodling, try to do some dances, some work outs and also so calming ones.


  • Watch this video clip and draw and label a diagram of The Water Cycle.



Follow this link to Twinkl to look at the Power Point about the famous artist Escher. Have a go at the tessellation activity.


Some fun things:

Week 1
1) Write a story, based on Shackleton’s expedition, about a trip to Antarctica where something on your voyage goes wrong. You will need to include: topic vocabulary, fronted adverbials, detailed description – adjectives, adverbs and similes, emotive language, neat joined handwriting, accurate spelling, past tense verbs, paragraphs, full stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks, inverted commas to mark speech and commas in a list. You can write in either first or third person. Please complete this in your exercise book. You could also draw some illustrations if you would like to.
2) Grammar Activities in Purple Mash 2do’s: Word Spot, Harry’s Party, Word Hop.
3) Quizizz – Go to https://quizizz.com/join and enter the codes given below to access following quiz – Adjectives – 373183
4) Daily practise of Spelling Shed activities.
5) Read aloud to an adult every day for at least 10 minutes.
6) ERIC (quiet reading to yourself) for at least 30 minutes.
7) Reading comprehension – Make sure you have signed up for your free parent Twinkl login and then follow this link to find the reading comprehension about Emperor Penguins. Read the text on Page 1 and then answer the question on page 2 – write your answers in your exercise book. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-2547312-emperor-penguin-reading-comprehension-activity-sheet
8) Handwriting – using the example sent home, copy out the school prayer .. This is our school..(found on our website) in your best joined handwriting.

1) Play on TT Rock Stars – Sound Check – for at least 10 minutes every day.
2) Visit BBC Supermovers and dance along to 8 x’s table
3) Visit this website and play this game to help you practise the quick recall of your times tables facts: https://www.timestables.co.uk/multiplication-tables-check/
4) Visit Purple Mash 2Do’s : Musical Chairs, Speed Test, Fractionio’s Pizzeria – Pizza Rookie and Pizza Master, Telling the Time Quiz, Time – half past, Time – quarter past, Time- quarter to.
5) Visit Quizizz – Equivalent Fractions – 643092
6) Column addition practice – visit this webpage and complete the calculations in your exercise book. http://www.snappymaths.com/addition/writadd/resources/addw1000cr1s10s2.pdf
7) Expanded multiplication – visit this webpage and complete the calculations in your exercise book.

1) Visit Quizizz and complete the following quiz – Continents & Oceans – 234550
2) Visit https://www.ukaht.org/learn/the-heroic-era/ and use this to create a timeline of The Heroic Era of Antarctic exploration. You can add pictures too.

Visit Quizizz and complete the following quizzes – The Water Cycle – 697267 States of Matter – 959598

COMPUTING – There is 2Logo saved as a 2Do on Purple Mash, and this document is full of ideas for activities to do, and also gives you lots of instructions about how to use it. Don’t forget to save your work after you have finished!

PE – To keep active you can sign up to Go Noodle for free. Try a variety of their different activities. www.gonoodle.com

MUSIC – Listen to some music by Tchaikovsky.