Space Detectives

Thank you to everyone who came to the Space Detectives Space Night. It was a fantastic night with over 150 people attending the evenings event. The night began with a fascinating and informative talk by Jo Richardson, who is one of only 10 UK Space Ambassadors, on the amazing planets, stars and galaxies in our universe. This was followed by stargazing and a range of fantastic space activities including virtual reality, rocket building and flying, and star constellation construction.

Class 5 are currently researching the answers to the intriguing question posed by children at the event. Such as ‘Do all planets have a day and a night?’, ‘What causes the sky to change colour?’ and ‘Will the Sun ever go out?’ The responses will be posted on the hall board as soon as Class 5 find out. With the dark evenings continuing through out Term 3 and 4, it is a super time to be stargazing, however, please remember to never look directly at the sun, even for a short time, so if you are stargazing wait for the sun to go down and ask an adult to help you identify the names and position of the constellations and planets in the night sky. There are more exciting astronomy and space events planned so keep watching this space.



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