Sports Day

You are invited to join us on Monday 21st May for our annual Sports Day. The event will
begin at 1.45pm on the school field. The gates will open at 1.30 and close at 1:40. If
you arrive after this please arrive through the office as the gates will be locked. Please
bring your own blankets/deck chairs to sit on. You will be directed where to sit on

The children are competing in their tribe teams. Your child will need to bring a coloured
t-shirt that matches their tribe; they will be wearing their school shorts and trainers or
daps are required.
Kamba-blue Luo-yellow
Kikuyu-green Masai-red

Once Sports day has concluded the children will go back to class and you are then free
to collect them from their classroom to take home.

If the weather is good, please ensure that your child has a sunhat with them and has sun
lotion that they can apply at lunch time.
Please note that should the weather not be good, the alternative date for Sports will be
Thursday 7th June.


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