Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. We are very excited to begin Key Stage One and are looking forward to further developing our learning through a range of exciting opportunities throughout the year. Mrs Cruse is our teacher, and we are also lucky enough to have Mrs Walker and Mrs Lewington working with us in our class!


Wow, what a busy term we have had in Year 1!  At the start of term, we decided to raise money for the homeless charity Somewhere To Go.  The children walked 5 laps of the field each day until they had walked 100 laps.  They worked out that this was 20km!  The children worked hard and felt a great sense of accomplishment when they completed the last lap; especially as lots of the rest of the school came out to cheer them round lap 100.  They raised £540 for their efforts which they presented to Somewhere to Go.  I was very proud of the way that the children helped each other and kept on smiling as we made our way round.

In Science we have been looking at animals and particularly life cycles.  We watched caterpillars make their cocoons, frogspawn turn into tadpoles and then froglets and most excitingly of all, we incubated chicken eggs and hatched out 11 chicks.

It certainly has been an exciting term and I can’t wait to see what we get up to in term 6.

Term 5 and 6 knowledge organiser.


How lovely it has been to welcome the children back in to school for the last four weeks of term 4.  We were all so excited to see each other and learn about what we had been up to.

Over the last four weeks we have started our Archbishop of York young leaders project.  Each week we have learnt a new characteristic of a good leader.  We learnt about kindness, perseverance and team work.  During the last week we learnt about how we can take action to make our community a better place.

The children are going to decide who we are going to help next term but we have already decided how we would like to raise some money.  We are taking inspiration from Sir Tom Moore as we really liked the book 100 steps.  We are all going to walk 100 laps of the school field which is about 20 km and we will be asking our grown ups to sponsor us!  Some of us are a little bit daunted at the thought of walking 100 laps but we will work as a team and help each other with kindness and I am sure that with some perseverance we will reach our target. Look out for more news about this next term.

During the very last week  of term, we had a visitor who was a servant of Samuel Pepys.  The children were enthralled and took part with enthusiasm.  It was the first visitor that they had had to visit all year and he was very impressed with the way that they behaved.  I was very proud.

Term 3 

 Lockdown – learning online

Term 2

I am so proud of year 1.  They have worked so hard this term both with our class work and in their own learning.  Although we haven’t had our usual Christmas traditions this year, it has still been a lovely term full of special activities.

We went on a Nativity Walk around the grounds.  We rode our donkeys to Bethlehem and then went in search of the shepherds and wise men.  After all of our travelling we went back to class for a hot chocolate.

In English our class had a new visitor – ‘Naughty Bus’ who caused a few messes but also resulted in lots of writing.  We’ve also learnt all of the phase 5 sounds and will move on to the alternative pronunciations next.

In maths we’ve been looking at addition, subtraction and numbers to 20.

We’ve also made lots and lots of Christmas decorations and cards, with many Angels!  The children made a clay tree decoration which they were very proud of.

The children have worked so hard and made so much progress.  Well done Year 1!

Term 1

What a busy term we have had in Term 1!  The children have settled in well and were really excited to be with all of their friends again.  They are getting used to their new class and learning about all of the things we have for them to use.

We have recapped our Phonics and will be starting Phase 5 next term.

In English the children have learnt Rosie’s walk and written their own stories about the fox in the story.

Maths has been all about numbers to 10 and the introduction of the symbols <,>,+,=.  The children have really enjoyed our work on Part Part Whole!

We have been very lucky to have Outdoor Learning this term and the children particularly enjoyed having a fire one week.


Year 1 Maths Knowledge Organisers

Term 1 & 2 – Where in the World are we?  Knowledge Organiser