Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. We are very excited to be continuing our learning this year with Mrs Storer. We are lucky enough to have Mrs Warner working with us in the mornings and Mrs Carpenter in the afternoons. We also have Mrs Drinkwater teaching us on a Tuesday afternoon which we thoroughly enjoy! We hope you enjoy finding out about our learning each term.

Year 2 Spellings

Year 2 Maths Knowledge Organisers

Term 5

Term 5 and 6 Knowledge Organiser

Term 4

What a fabulous term we have had – It has been so wonderful to be back with all our Hutton friends! The children have settled very well back into class and have enjoyed the term back in school 🙂 We have been thinking not only about increasing our resilience and perseverance, but also working together as a team, which has resulted in many fun sessions of team games in PE!

Our RE focus this term has been Salvation. The children looked in depth at the story of Holy Week and thought carefully about any questions they felt were unanswered. We drew story maps and then wrote the story of Holy Week, with many of us showing what superstar writers we are.

We have been continuing to ‘Pick Your Queen’ in our History work this term, and have enjoyed learning about Queen Victoria and comparing her reign to Queen Elizabeth I. Who would you pick as your Queen?!

Well done, Year 2 – a fantastic start back to school. I am very proud of you all.

Term 3 and 4

Term 3 and 4 Knowledge Organiser

Term 2

Term 1 and 2 Knowledge Organiser

Another busy term! We have worked extremely hard over the term and produced some fantastic work.

We continued our topic on Friends Near and Far, and wrote a non-chronological report on our own choice of African animals. We enjoyed finding out about Zebras, Nile Monitors and Giraffes to name but a few!

Our science work involved us thinking about food chains and we made our own chains, relating to the African animal we had chosen!

Our RE this term has been Why does Christmas Matter to Christians? We enjoyed recapping on our learning from last year, when Rev Wilkins spoke to us about the Good News that the birth of Jesus brought to so many people at Christmas. We travelled around the school grounds, visiting significant parts of the Christmas story and enjoyed riding our donkeys and camels! Although we have not been able to celebrate this festive time of year as we usually would, we have still been able to enjoy many different ways to celebrate Christmas. Please take a look at our Christmas display which is shown as part of the video on our websites main page.

Mrs Lewington worked with us to create our African animal masks, which we are very proud of!

We are looking forward to our new topic in term 3 🙂

Term 1

Term 1 and 2 Knowledge Organiser

What a busy term we have had! We have all impressed Mrs Storer by how well we settled into Year 2. It is great to be back with our friends and teachers!

Our topic over Term 1 and 2 is called Friends Near and Far. We are focusing on Africa (we are twinned with Dabaso in Africa) and we have been really interested in finding out from Mrs Drinkwater all about her visit to Dabaso. We have been lucky enough to look at lots of photographs from her visit and she has been able to answer many of our questions. We are looking forward to finding out all about African wild animals next term from Mrs Whiting’s recent trip! We have really enjoyed learning about the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans – ask us to sing you the songs we have been learning to help us remember the names of these continents and oceans!

In English, we have been revisiting Non Chronological reports this term. We have concentrated on writing a report based on wolves this term, which means that next term we are ready to go with writing our own report on an African animal of our own choice. We have been developing our research skills and note taking which means we will be able to use these skills in these next Non Chronological reports.

We were lucky enough to have Ms Rees in from Churchill Academy to teach us an African dance. We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to African music and learning our dance. We plan to work on it more during term 2, and then film our performance so that the rest of the school can also enjoy watching it!

Our RE focus has been the Creation this term. We have listened to the story and taken ‘awe and wonder’ walks around our beautiful school grounds. We looked at Kate Neal’s Picturing Creation art work and then painted our own Creation pictures, which are truly stunning. We have been considering the different ways Christians may say thank you to God, and have written prayers to thank him for creating our amazing world.