Year 3

Welcome to Class 3’s webpage! Here you can find out about all the exciting learning that will be taking place in our amazing first year of KS2. The essential Class 3 Knowledge Organisers can also be downloaded from here. This Year our class teacher is Miss Anderton.

Year 3 Maths Knowledge Organisers                      Year 3/4 Spellings                        Year 3 Spelling Shed words

Homework: TTRockstars – 10 min daily / Reading – 10 min daily / Spelling Shed –  10 min daily / Learn Knowledge Organisers

Term 3:

In History this term we will be learning all about the Romans and the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43 . You can download the Roman Knowledge Organiser here and there are lots of super online resources from BBC Schools Radio to help us dive into the history of Roman Britain.

In Science we will be learning about light and dark including shadows. There are lots of fascinating clips on the BBC Bitesize website to help and you can download the Light and Dark Knowledge Organiser here.

In Maths we will be learning how to use formal methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The Multiplication and Division Knowledge Organiser is here and the Addition and Subtraction Knowledge Organiser here.

Term 2:

Iron and Bronze Age Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser Humans and Animals

In Term 2, we learnt all about the Bronze and Iron age.

In Literacy, the children learnt how to construct non-chronological reports using subheadings, paragraphs and specialist vocabulary. They began by analysing reports about real life animals then using the Talk4Writing method, then innovated and created their own wild prehistoric beasts. Having created some fantastic creatures, the children boxed up their paragraphs under subheadings and wrote their own non-chronological reports about their own wild beasts. Our DT activity is to now build the animals from wire and modroc.

In Maths, the children learnt how to add and subtract using the column method. Visual models, dienes and counters helped to show what was happening to the numbers when we had to regroup. We also had a lot of fun playing TTRockstars together and the children were very excited to see their TTRockstar levels increasing with regular practise. Keep going! The link to TTRockstars is at the top of this page.

In History, the children learnt about how settlements in Britain changed during the Bronze and Iron Age and visited the amazing Bristol Museum to find out more. Settlements became larger and grew in size to become quite formidable Hill Forts like Maiden Castle, with impressive defences and organised responses to attackers. The beaker pots have been fired and look amazing. The children also learnt more about the Druidic religion of the time and the importance of Stonehenge as an important gathering place. To consolidate the children wrote some fantastic chronological reports to summarise the legacies of the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.

Beaker Pots

In RE, the children learnt all about Christianity and investigated the big question: “What is the Trinity?” in relation to the role of Incarnation in the Big Story timeline of the Bible. The children leant that God was represented in Christianity by the idea of three in one, one God with three aspects represented in the Bible – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The children also learnt about the importance of Baptism in the Christian faith and in the role of symbolism in art, music and poetry to help illuminate understanding of these important concepts. The Diwali lamps the children made in Term 1 were also fired and look amazing.

Diya Lamps

In Science, the children learnt about making healthy food choices and difference between food groups and nutrients, and what each nutrient does for the body.

I am really excited about next term as we look at what happened to Iron Age Celtic Britain when the Romans invaded. You are doing amazingly well Class 3. Keep using those Growth Mindsets to Achieve, Believe and Succeed! You are learning superstars!

Term 1: 

Rocks, Soils and Fossils Knowledge Organiser

The Stone Age Knowledge Organiser

In Term 1, we learnt all about Harvest Festival celebrations and performed our super Harvest assembly. The whole school donated food for Harvest which was donated to the local charity ‘Somewhere to Go’. So thank you to everyone for bringing so much food to help others.

In History we learnt about the Stone Age and discovered it had been split into three historical periods by archaeologists. The Palaeolithic, the Mesolithic and The Neolithic. We found out that humans have spent most of their past in the Palaeolithic times, living nomadically, staying in caves and hunting and gathering for food, it was cold and there were several ice ages. We made our own cave paintings and sabre-tooth tiger necklaces.

Stone Age Necklaces

In the Mesolithic they began to make tents from animal skins and whale bones and wood, they were still nomadic but tools were becoming more complex and trade was beginning. In Neolithic times, farming began and people were making and trading woven clothes, jewellery, pots and weapons. Animals were domesticated and land cleared to plant and harvest crops. Stone megaliths like Stonehenge were built perhaps to act as a religious site or as a calendar to mark planting and harvesting times. We painted our own atmospheric Stonehenge paintings.


In Science we learnt all about Rocks, Soils and Fossils. We even made our own shell cast fossils!

In English planned, drafted and wrote Harvest poems and prayers and then our own Stone Age story based on the book Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. Our Class book was Stig of the Dump by Clive King and we loved reading Stone Age Bone Age during our Stone Age role play afternoon.

Stone Age Boy          Stone Age Bone Age!: a book about prehistoric people (Wonderwise)         Stig of the Dump (A Puffin Book)