Year 3

Welcome to Class 3’s webpage! Here you can find out about all the exciting learning that will be taking place in our amazing first year of KS2. The Class 3 Knowledge Organisers can also be downloaded from here. This Year our class teacher is Miss Anderton and our teaching assistant is Mr Rourke and Mrs Kuht. Mr Millard will be teaching Cross Country and Athletics on Wednesday afternoons.

Year 3 Maths Knowledge Organisers                      Year 3/4 Spellings                        Year 3 Spelling Shed words

Dear Parents

The Parent curriculum letter, with further information on class arrangements for this term and this terms Stone Age knowledge organiser can be downloaded here. Additionally, our terms Rocks, soils and fossils knowledge organiser can be downloaded here. We hope you enjoy reading and learning the information in the Knowledge Organisers as there will be regular quizzes on them during the term. I look forward to seeing what you can recall and explain about your history and science subjects.

Miss Anderton