Year 4

We are very excited about the year ahead of us in Year 4. We have lots of fun learning planned and we shall be working on developing our resilience, social skills and concentration whilst taking risks in our learning. Our teacher is Mrs Smith and Mrs Cowton supports us all day too.

Year 4 Maths Knowledge Organisers

Later in the school year, all pupils in Year 4 will be taking the statratory times tables assessment as set out by the DfE. We will be practising A LOT through out the year! Please find below some additional ways you can support your child with practising to learn their times tables.

The DfE have suggested the following ways to help your child:

  • Times tables chanting: “6, 12, 18, 24…”;
  • Times tables chanting in reverse order: “108, 99, 90, 81…”;
  • Using times tables songs, like Schoolhouse Rock’s ‘3 is A Magic Number’;
  • Using apps, like the one by,  Times Tables Rock Stars or Hit the Button
  • Using free online games, like those on Maths Frame;
  • Asking your child multiplication calculations out of order, like: “What is 4 x 7? What is 9 x 5? What is 6 x 11?”;
  • Using pasta pieces or pebbles to show groups of numbers representing times tables, e.g. four groups of three pasta shells to show 3 x 4 = 12;
  • Asking your child related short division questions, like “What is 12 divided by 4? What is 55 divided by 11?”;
  • Asking your child word problems based on times tables, like: “If five friends have £3 each, how much money do they have in total?”;
  • Trying out active ways of learning times tables, like our times tables pavement chalk ideas:

And of course your child has access to TT Rock Stars! One of the games, Sound Check, has a time limit of 6 seconds per question which will be great practise for them for the Times Tables Assessment as it follows a similar format. Please email Mrs Smith using the Year 4 email address if you need your child’s login details.


  Term 1 – Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser

We have had a great first term in Year 4 and everyone has settled back into our ‘new normal’ way of school really well. Mrs Smith is so proud of us and how well we are all doing.

We have started back with a great topic that we are all thoroughly enjoying –  Ancient Greece.

In English we have been reading a variety of Ancient Greek myths. Our favourites were Theseus and The Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa! All the myths are quest stories so we followed the boxing up of a quest story to write our own myths based in Ancient Greece using lots of the topic knowledge and ideas from the myths we have read. We have worked hard and have written some exciting myths full of monsters, gods and heroes!

We have been thinking about the legacy left by the Ancient Greeks and have been learning about lots of the fantastic things they did in their civilization that we still do today. We have been studying their beautiful architecture and have admired the remains of the temples left on the Acropolis in Athens as well as many others around Greece. We have sketched friezes as well as learnt about the 3 main column types that were used in Ancient Greek architecture. In addition, we have also learnt how to create exploded drawings of the Parthenon to show all the different elements of the building. This was very tricky and took a lot of patients and accuracy but we have created some fantastic drawings.

In Maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction and have refined our column addition and subtraction skills using up to 5 digit numbers!  We have also learnt more about Roman Numerals, rounding and negative numbers. We have also been focusing on practising our times tables and have really enjoyed dancing and singing along to BBC Supermovers to help us learn all the different number facts.

Our RE topic this term has been Hinduism focusing on Diwali. We learnt about Hindu’s believing in one true God but how this God manifests himself into many other Gods that represent God being in everything. Some of us were also able to make links between what Christians believe too. We learnt about the different Gods and what they represent – our particular favorite was Ganesh. We have also learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and why and how Hindu’s celebrate this festival.

We have also been very lucky to have had some singing sessions with Mr Holderway outside whilst the weather has been fine. We have all really enjoyed seeing him again and had lots of socially distanced fun singing some of our school favourite songs with him.