Year 4

We are very excited about the year ahead of us in Year 4. We have lots of fun learning planned and we shall be working on developing our resilience, social skills and concentration whilst taking risks in our learning. Our teacher is Mrs Young and Miss Middle supports us all day too.

Year 4 Maths Knowledge Organisers

Later in the school year, all pupils in Year 4 will be taking the statratory times tables assessment as set out by the DfE. We will be practising A LOT through out the year! Please find below some additional ways you can support your child with practising to learn their times tables.

The DfE have suggested the following ways to help your child:

  • Times tables chanting: “6, 12, 18, 24…”;
  • Times tables chanting in reverse order: “108, 99, 90, 81…”;
  • Using times tables songs, like Schoolhouse Rock’s ‘3 is A Magic Number’;
  • Using apps, like the one by,  Times Tables Rock Stars or Hit the Button
  • Using free online games, like those on Maths Frame;
  • Asking your child multiplication calculations out of order, like: “What is 4 x 7? What is 9 x 5? What is 6 x 11?”;
  • Using pasta pieces or pebbles to show groups of numbers representing times tables, e.g. four groups of three pasta shells to show 3 x 4 = 12;
  • Asking your child related short division questions, like “What is 12 divided by 4? What is 55 divided by 11?”;
  • Asking your child word problems based on times tables, like: “If five friends have £3 each, how much money do they have in total?”;
  • Trying out active ways of learning times tables, like our times tables pavement chalk ideas:

And of course your child has access to TT Rock Stars! One of the games, Sound Check, has a time limit of 6 seconds per question which will be great practise for them for the Times Tables Assessment as it follows a similar format. Please email Mrs Smith using the Year 4 email address if you need your child’s login details.

Term 4 – 

Knowledge Organiser & Letter

Term 3 – 

Knowledge Organiser & Letter

We have had a very busy term 3! During the term, we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We now have a good understanding of what it would have been like to be alive during that time and the importance of the Nile and the Pharaoh.

In addition to this, we have been keeping very busy within our PE lessons. In swimming, we have been either learning new skills or perfecting strokes. Then within school, we have been learning different movements for our weather topic in dance. We also had a go at tag rugby and the NSSPEA came in to do some Kurling with us, to get ready for the winter Olympics.

During our English lessons, we were learning all about rebirth tales, with a focus on Beauty and the Beast. Then we had a go at writing some rebirth tales of our own, using a wide range of description. We also managed to create some PowerPoint presentations and a non-chronological report, all about the Ancient Egyptians.

Then within maths, we have been learning to find the most efficient way to multiply, using the written method with multiplying by 1, 2 and 3 digits. As well as, problem solving and reasoning.

Finally, we ended with our superb trip to Hooke Court. We started on the Wednesday with some team building activities, dinner followed by a night walk before a good night’s sleep. Then on the Thursday, we did some time travel activities, baked some Ancient Egyptian goodies, and then created Canopic pots. Then after lunch, we had a go at writing the Ancient Greek alphabet. Unfortunately, as storm Eunice was coming, we had to make a quick get away! This was a little disappointing, but the children did really well!

Overall, a superb term everyone. In term 4, we are looking at the Ancient Greeks!

Term 2 –

Knowledge Organiser & Letter 

It has been a very busy and exciting term. We have been really busy learning all about mountains and the water cycle.

During our English lessons, we wrote persuasive letters to Mayor Clayton, asking for his help and offering solutions to the problems with litter in our seas and oceans. We also looked at different animals that reside in rivers and wrote a double page spread non-chronological reports. In addition, we also looked at newspaper reports. After learning about the different reasons for flooding, we created our own fictional news stories.

Within our math lessons, we have finished looking at addition and subtraction. We are now able to use the formal methods with more confidence. We then learnt all about perimeter and how to measure perimeter in 2D shapes.

In the New Year, we will be looking more closely at multiplication and division. In order to help with this, could you please continue to learn those tables. As this will help with the learning in class.

Throughout the term, we have also had some fun doing some investigating in our science and design and technology lessons. During science, we have been learning about the water cycle and we had to investigate where the best places would be to dry clothes. We found that the warmer the place the quicker the rate of evaporation! In DT, we made volcanoes from newspaper and PVA glue. We then made the volcanoes erupt using hydraulic systems.

Finally at the end of the year, we did a lot of singing practice, to ensure we knew all of the carols for the carol concert. The children tried so hard and performed beautifully on the night. They also sang beautifully in church!

Well done for such a fantastic term, Year 4!

Term 1 –

Knowledge Organiser & Letter 

Term 1 has seen an excellent start for the Year 4 pupils. They have worked incredibly hard and have enjoyed moving further up the school.

This term, we have been learning all about Extreme Earth. The children are now very knowledgeable about volcanoes, earthquakes and even tsunamis. We have done plenty of research about them and in our English lessons, we have managed to write explanation texts and newspaper reports about the topic.

During our maths lessons, we have been learning all about place value. This is about comparing, partitioning and comparing numbers up to 1000. We have also revisited negative numbers and roman numerals. We are also continuing to learn our times tables, using a variety of different methods.

Within our PE lessons we have been focusing on Basketball. Our coach Kim from the NSSPEA, taught us plenty of new skills and by the end of the 6 week block, we were playing matches and scoring baskets. Another sporting highlight was out multi-skills day, in which we go to do lots of different activities, including using the laser guns, used for pentathlon.

In addition, the children have also been enjoying their swimming lessons and I have heard plenty of positives about the effort that everyone has been putting in.

A great term everyone. Well done!