Year 5

Welcome to our Class 5 page! We are already having a very exciting time in class and are busy getting stuck into our new topic. We have lots of lovely people to help support us with our learning. Miss Momber is our class teacher and Mrs Cowton will be working with us throughout the day. Mrs Kuht will also be working with us during the mornings.                                                                         

Year 5 Maths Knowledge Organisers                                                           Year 5 Spellings for 2021/22    

Term 5 –

Knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 4 –

What an incredible Term we have had. We have raised over £700 for the British Red Cross, taught the entire school the names of all the countries in Europe, performed a spectacular Easter performance and created launchers to land on Mars. Thank you to everyone who has supported all the different activities we have taken part in over the recent weeks and for coming to watch all our different performances.

Being Space Detectives

Getting ready to perform our Easter Performance and our song of the European Countries

Knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 3 –

Term 3 has been all about the human heart. How it beats, why it beats and the importance of looking after it. We have had a lot of fun creating models, board games and posters based on the knowledge we have learnt. We also had the opportunity to write explanation texts about the heart, that we will be sharing with others in the school. Check out our photos below.

We have also been working incredibly on our pieces for the North Somerset Dance Festival, which cannot wait to perform at. Not only will you be impressed by our moves, our costumes look fantastic too!

Our Archbishop of York Leadership Award is coming along nicely, we are now ready to lead our own fundraising activity after making sure we could successfully work as a group. Look out for more information in Term 4 about what we will be doing and who we will be raising money for. Check us out putting these skills to the test by creating a pyramid, only using elastic bands to move the cups.

knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 2 –

We have had another jam packed term in Class 5, we have visited Taunton Cricket Ground for some coaching and Cineworld to watch Boss Baby 2. We were visited by a travelling Pantomime, took part in the School’s Carol Concert and made a special Christmas trip to the local Church.

Some of our highlights from this term include:

Learning about how quick things can move depending on whether or not there is water or air resistance in science lessons and getting to design and make our own boats.

In English and History we have been learning about the English Civil War and how King Charlies II ruled. We also wrote a diary entry about the Civil War and got to choose whether we would be a Roundhead or a Cavalier. We have also continued our Monarchy timeline and we were introduced to the Tudors and William and Mary.

In maths, we have been focusing on how to multiply bigger numbers and looking at how to work out the factors and multiples of a number. Miss Momber also taught us how to square and cube a number.

Have a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 1 –

We have had a fantastic start to our new school year. We started the term being transported right back to 1066 and the invasion of Britain. We met William the Conqueror and created our own representation of the Feudal System. We have also been introduced to some dastardly kings and their belief of their divine rights!

The highlight of Term 1 definitely had to be our class residential to Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. We had a lot of fun, tobogganing, axe throwing, caving and of course at the disco. Miss Momber was extremely impressed with our perseverance skills, the way we worked as a team and our enthusiasm for all the activities.

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter