Year 5

Welcome to our Class 5 page! We are already having a very exciting time in class and are busy getting stuck into our new topic. We have lots of lovely people to help support us with our learning. Miss Momber is our class teacher and Mr Rourke works with us throughout the day!                                                                              

Year 5 Maths Knowledge Organisers                                                           Year 5 Spellings for 2020/21    

Term 6 –

Knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 5 –

Term 5 has been spent exploring the depths of Europe, journeying with Alastair Humphreys to bike our way around the world. We particularly impressed Miss Momber and Mr Rourke with our exceptional map reading skills. Can you find the Capital City of Macedonia?

A big highlight of Term 5 was being able to go on our first school trip in over a year! We had a lot of fun developing our team building skills as we tacked Mendip Outdoor Pursuit’s Mission Impossible activity course. Whilst we were there we also got the chance to build fires and use their archery course.

We all hope you enjoyed reading our fantastic Voyage and Return stories that we brought home. As a class we worked hard to develop our understanding of fronted adverbials and using vocabulary that would excite the reader. Make sure you check them out!

Knowledge organiser and curriculum letter

Term 4 –

What a Term 4 it has been. We stormed through two weeks of home learning before coming back together for a fabulous 4 weeks.

We have achieved so much together in those 4 weeks! Our knowledge of fractions has developed greatly which in turn has helped our multiplication and division skills. Our perseverance skills were definitely tested along the way but we kept working hard and it has really paid off! We have also been exploring the mesmerising world of Alice in Wonderland and have begun to create our own unique worlds.

One highlight of Term 4 was getting a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament. As we weren’t able to visit in Term 2, Corinna and Rhiannon who work at the Houses of Parliament gave us a great tour of both the Houses of Lords and Commons. We got to ask lots of questions and make up some of our own laws that we would like to try and pass.

Although we haven’t been able to perform the Year 5 Easter Play to everyone this year, we did put on a small performance for the rest of school during a virtual school Worship. Every member of class worked hard to learn their lines, speak clearly and effectively (we needed to make sure the computer microphone would pick us up) and make sure their acting skills shined through. Miss Momber was incredibly proud of us.

We hope everyone in the Hutton family has a wonderful Easter!

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter

Term 3 –

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter

Term 2 –

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter

This term we have been comparing terrible King John to the even meaner King Charles I. We then added Oliver Cromwell into the mix to see how the events of the English Civil War have lead to the formation of the Parliament we know today. Although we were unable to visit the Houses of Parliament, we did have a good go at trying to create it in the classroom.

Miss Momber has been introducing lots of exciting words in maths this term to help us develop our multiplication and division skills. Ask us at home to find the factors and multiples of different numbers and be prepared to be impressed!

We finished Term 2 off with lots of wonderful Christmas craft centered around Luke Chapter 2, versus 6 and 7 – the birth of Jesus. As well as Christmas cards, we created our own Nativity Scene and baubles. Please head over to the Home page for a video created by the whole school to spread some Christmas cheer.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and are very much looking forward to 2021!

Term 1 –

Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter

We have loved being back in the classroom this term, getting to spend time with our friends, seeing all our teachers  and learning all about the events of 1215.

During this term we have been learning all about the formation of Democracy and being entitled to our rights! We have had a lot of fun exploring how to vote, why we should vote and how to lobby your local MP! We will be continuing this topic in Term 2 by looking at the formation of Parliament.

We have also enjoyed some thoughtful conversations about how science and the creation story can complement and contradict each other. We have explored the different views of Christians and Christian Scientists, as well as discuss our own interpretations of Genesis 1.

Ask us at home about some of our different words of the day, I bet we can impress you with our vocabulary!