Year 6

 Welcome to year 6’s class page. We are very excited and ready to head into our final year at Hutton. We have lots of exciting activities and topics planned throughout the year, so please keep checking this page for photos and comments from class members. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are supported in our daily maths lessons by Mrs Kuht.

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Term 5

What a term!  The children have worked incredibly hard in all subjects and showed great maturity when our camp got cancelled.  We didn’t have to be upset for long as we are now looking forward to it at the beginning of Term 6!

We have been looking at the work of street artists and the children have created their own ‘throwies’ to emulate the lettering style of graffiti.  We have also used street art to design graffiti to improve the look of a public building – we have talked about how permission must be sought in real life before doing this!

In English, we have been perfecting our writing using the video stimulus of an old lady who lives in a scrap yard.  The children have written character and setting descriptions, used similes and metaphors to enhance their writing, linked the past to the present through the use of flashbacks, learnt how to use hyperbole to exaggerate descriptions, written predictions for the rest of the story and written an internal monologue.  Such a lot of work – well done class 6.

Arithmetic has been a focus of our early morning work as these are the basis for the majority of maths – I can see the children’s understanding progressing every day which is fantastic.  We have finished our work on perimeter, area and volume and enjoyed learning about ratio, scale and proportion.  We have just started work on statistics which will continue into next term.

We enjoyed a fab dance lesson with Vicki Rees from Churchill Academy who put the children through their paces with some new dance moves to Bruno Mars’ Uptown funk – it was great seeing them throwing themselves into this and gave them a taster of more to come at secondary school.

Term 4 – The Americas – Knowledge Organiser
curriculum letter

I am so proud of how our children have come back into school with their learning heads firmly in place.  It has certainly been a busy 4 weeks but we have crammed an awful lot into it.

We have been considering our own well-being and have created a wonderful display in the classroom to cover 4 different strands of PSHE:

  • self-efficacy
  • having hope
  • being grateful
  • connections

In English, we have been retelling the Easter story through an innovative way.  We have read, story mapped and discussed Jesus’ arrest and each child has been given the role of one of those involved: Roman soldier, representative of Pontius Pilate, High Priest of the Sanhedrin and Jesus’ followers and supporters.  The children have written some press releases to highlight different aspects and perspectives of the arrest and trial on Good Friday.  This will culminate, in the first week of Term 5, with volunteers performing our very own press conference to journalists (the rest of the class) who are eager to pick their story apart with tough questions for the panel.

The children have been thinking more deeply about Jesus’ sacrifice in RE with the question “What did Jesus do to save human beings?”  They have considered the sacrifices they would be prepared to make, the different ways Christians make sacrifices and explored Jesus’ strength and own sacrifice in Isaiah 53.

Algebra has been the theme of Term 4 in maths.  The children started off fearful of the word ‘algebra’ and slightly confused – “where are the numbers?  why are there letters?” but soon found their own level of challenge and enjoyed working out how to keep an equation balanced and what constitutes an expression – good work Year 6!

Do enjoy the Easter break and I look forward to welcoming the children back in Term 5.

Term 3 – Civil Rights Movement in the USA

Term 2 – The Windrush Knowledge Organiser

Building on from our slavery topic, Year 6 have been looking at some of the legacies of this dark time in our history.  We have learnt who the Windrush Generation are, why they chose to come to our country (they were invited!) and the treatment they received by some people when they got here.  We were quite surprised and shocked by the answers.

Our own choice of creative writing has been achieved in English this term; we have been writing stories based around our class book “The day the slavers came”.  The children have taken on the persona of the main character, Chimwala, and written stories from her perspective.  It has all been very emotive.

As a school, we celebrated the birth of Jesus with our own retelling of the Christmas story through crafts and card involving the Three Kings.

Term 1 The Empire and Slavery Knowledge Organiser
Curriculum letter

I am so proud of how Year 6 have settled back into school and the effort they have put into their work.  We have certainly covered a lot this term and I feel we are making great progress in all areas of our learning.

English has seen the children writing an explanation text about the British Empire.  They had free choice in which country they chose to research and write about and I have been very impressed with their work – the final published pieces were amazing and I am sure you will agree.

In maths, we have covered place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have now mastered long division – hurrah! The children were initially daunted as there are so many steps to its successful completion but I take my hat off to their tenacity and resilience in their approach to conquering this complicated process.

We have loved our topic of Empire and slavery and I know the children are very disappointed that this has now come to an end.  We approached it with a local study bias as Bristol, our local city, was one of the main ports in England involved.  Without the trade of slaves and the wealth their work created, Bristol would be a very different city today.  Do take a look around you if you ever go into Bristol, you may be surprised to know how many of the buildings were built from money derived from slavery.  We will be continuing the theme of this topic next term when we will be learning all about the Windrush.

A difficult concept was explored in RE: Creation or science: conflicting or complementary?  We looked into a Christian understanding of the creation of our universe through the text Genesis 1 and compared this to the viewpoint of scientists such as Jennifer Wiseman who is also a Christian.  We soon understood that not all Christians have the same understanding or interpretation of Genesis 1 and we completed the unit sharing our own thoughts regarding the big question of the term.