Year 6

 Welcome to year 6’s class page. We are very excited and ready to head into our final year at Hutton. We have lots of exciting activities and topics planned throughout the year, so please keep checking this page for photos and comments from class members. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are supported each day by Mr Rourke.

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Wizard of Oz songs

Term 6curriculum letter
Where has this year gone?  I feel like I have only just welcomed the children into year 6 and here we are…preparing to send them off to their next adventure at secondary school.  Please have a read of the curriculum letter linked above as it contains some important information about this term.  Also, please keep an eye out for any Pings or emails sent your way this term.

Term 5 – Only a 5 week term but we have packed in so much. Of course, the big event of the term was the SATs tests in week 3. The first few weeks of term were spent finalising, revising and consolidating so the children felt prepared and ready to show off their knowledge in the tests. I was so proud of them all – their resilience, determination and effort was wonderful to see – whatever the outcome, they should be very happy and proud of themselves.
Some children have had the opportunity to meet Heads of Department/Years from their designated secondary schools in meetings held within our school. All have come away feeling positive about their move in September. The remainder of meetings will take place in Term 6.
In RE this term, the children have started to consider whether belief in Akhirah (life after death) helps Muslims to lead good lives. We are considering what ‘good’ actually means and thinking about people we know who are good and what these qualities are.
Some enjoyable events included Sports Day where the children displayed great motivation and teamwork – I was especially proud of our Tribe Captains who made the day run smoothly and supported the younger pupils in their sporting endeavours.
Wow, what a day we had at Young Voices. I am sure that this day will be remembered for many years to come by those who attended.
We finished off the term with a soggy but fun trip to Hooke Court in Dorset. The children completed many activities including night search and rescue where they had to play the role of police investigator, low ropes and orienteering, songs around the campfire and a tribal kingdom day. The children were great and went to bed very well but we all ended up rather sleepy due to the noisy birds waking us at 4am. Thankfully, we all did manage to slumber in for a while longer.
Enjoy the half-term break.

Roachford – guest singer at Young Voices 2022

Term 4 – Civil Rights Movement in the USA Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum letter.
The children came back from half term refreshed and ready for the term ahead. Algebra has been the theme of Term 4 in maths.  The children started off fearful of the word ‘algebra’ and slightly confused – “where are the numbers?  why are there letters?” but soon found their own level of challenge and enjoyed working out how to keep an equation balanced and what constitutes an expression – good work Year 6!
Our topic this term has been the Civil Rights Movement in the USA and the children wrote some fantastic biographies on either Martin Luther King Jr or Rosa Parks as their homework. We also learnt all about the Windrush through our English learning – the children wrote letters in the voice of a Jamaican immigrant living in London; their letters contained positivity about their new life. In contrast, they also wrote a diary which portrayed a much more honest account of a bleaker life in dull, cold, racist London. We finished off the unit by writing a balanced argument based on the journals of Baroness Floella Benjamin.
RE revolved around the question, “What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?” in our unit on Salvation. The children were able to suggest meanings for resurrection accounts, and compare their ideas with ways in which Christians interpret these texts, showing awareness of the centrality of the Christian belief in Resurrection. They also explored the connections between Luke 24 and the Christian concepts of Sacrifice.
In addition to all this learning, the children sat their mock SATs tests, visited Mendip for a day of caving, climbing and abseiling and cooked up Easter biscuits.
I’m sure the 2-week Easter break is very welcome.

Term 3 – Empire and slavery Knowledge Organiser
Curriculum letter

Well our feet haven’t touched the ground since coming back from our well-deserved half-term break.  The children were very engaged by our topic of “Empire and Slavery” and enjoyed writing up their homework research into explanation texts of their chosen colonised country.  We have flown through our maths and have now conquered fractions, position and direction and we are now working through decimals – they just need to keep practising with TimesTable Rockstars to stop those sneaky calculation errors.

We have enjoyed a variety of PE sessions, including tag rugby, gymnastics and curling – we all got very competitive and some of us discovered a new talent we didn’t know we had.  In addition to all this sport, year 6 also had the opportunity to learn how to safely rescue themselves if they were to ever get into difficulty in water.  This session at Hutton Moor was invaluable and the children behaved very maturely and sensibly – well done year 6.

We considered “What kind of a king is Jesus?” from our unit of RE work based on the Kingdom of God.  The children used many parables in the Gospels to demonstrate how Jesus’ actions have encouraged many Christians today to follow the same values.  The children also created their own interpretations of The Lord’s Prayer which are now proudly displayed in our classroom.

A special assembly was attended by years 5 and 6 that was conducted by Kooth – an online mental wellbeing community.  This anonymous service is commissioned by North Somerset CCG and is available to young people aged 10-18+ (or up to 25 if in leaving care or with a learning disability).  Children have all been given a card with their details should they ever need to use these valuable services.

Term 2North and South America Knowledge Organiser
Curriculum letter
What a whirlwind of term this has been – we have sung, danced, created and of course learnt!

Year 6 have made me so proud this term with our combined science and DT lessons.  Two Dragons entered our den and set a challenge to design and make a Christmas decoration that included a working motor, bulb and buzzer.  Well, Year 6 stepped up to this challenge and came up with some wonderful designs.  The learning that took place over several lessons was amazing to watch as children investigated which components worked together and answered their own enquiry questions such as “What happens to the volume of the buzzer if I extend the length of the electrical wire?”  This culminated in the making of their prototypes and the team work involved was astounding.  We had snow globes that blew snow, reindeers with light-up noses, Christmas trees with lighted stars and buzzers, a gingerbread house – we had the lot! Here are some of the finished designs.

Maths has mainly involved fractions – we have simplified, found equivalents, added, subtracted the three types of fractions.  This will continue to be consolidated in Term 3.

We have travelled from New York to Rio de Janeiro, we have compared physical and human geography with climate zones and biomes.  We have questioned and understood why humans have settled where they have and how the climate contributes to the physical geography of North and South America.

The girls of year 5 and 6 were very lucky to have a day at Somerset County Cricket Club in Taunton and came back to school full of stories of their inspiring day.  Whilst they were out, the boys joined together in class 6 and created a new product that would improve cricket.  Ideas ranged from a car to bring the new ball onto the ground, face and head protectors, new bats and spectator glasses.  A fun day was had by all.

In English, the children have written some stories based on our book The Explorer.  They learnt how to use personification to make objects reflect human characteristics as well using adjectives, adverbs and powerful words to make the stories come alive.

The Gospels was our focus in RE this term with the big question, “What would Jesus do?”  Together we looked at the story of the Centurion’s Servant and discussed why Jesus chose to help someone who was on the side of the Romans who wanted to hurt him.  The children explored how the stories in the Gospels inform many Christians today on the ways in which to lead the best life they can for themselves and those around them.

Term 1 – North and South America Knowledge Organiser
Curriculum letter
I am so proud of how Year 6 have settled back into school and the effort they have put into their work.  We have certainly covered a lot this term and I feel we are making great progress in all areas of our learning.

This term has seen us exploring North and South America.  Using layers and layers of tracing paper, we are building a picture of the similarities and differences between these continents in terms of physical and human geography, climate zones, biomes and have used latitude and longitude coordinates to plot major cities.  This work will continue into Term two.

Our exploration has continued with our English work which is based upon The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  We have been writing persuasive information leaflets encouraging people to visit the delights of Brazil.  I have had several requests for a school trip to Brazil!!  We have now moved onto writing a diary entry from one of the character’s point of view; the children have all chosen which event they want to record in their diaries and are making good progress.

In maths, we have covered place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have now mastered long division – hurrah! The children were initially daunted as there are so many steps to its successful completion but I take my hat off to their tenacity and resilience in their approach to conquering this complicated process.

In RE, we considered the question “How can following God bring justice and freedom?”  The children have explored their own thoughts on this through the story of Moses and have compared his actions to modern day people and charities that have followed the same themes. 

We have loved PE this term and were really lucky to have some basketball lessons as well as our sessions with Mr Millard.