Year 6

 Welcome to year 6’s class page. We are very excited and ready to head into our final year at Hutton. We have lots of exciting activities and topics planned throughout the year, so please keep checking this page for photos and comments from class members. Our teacher is Mrs Scherer and we are supported in our daily maths lessons by Mrs Kuht and on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings by Mrs Harris.

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Term 2 – The Windrush Knowledge Organiser

Term 1 The Empire and Slavery Knowledge Organiser
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I am so proud of how Year 6 have settled back into school and the effort they have put into their work.  We have certainly covered a lot this term and I feel we are making great progress in all areas of our learning.

English has seen the children writing an explanation text about the British Empire.  They had free choice in which country they chose to research and write about and I have been very impressed with their work – the final published pieces were amazing and I am sure you will agree.

In maths, we have covered place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have now mastered long division – hurrah! The children were initially daunted as there are so many steps to its successful completion but I take my hat off to their tenacity and resilience in their approach to conquering this complicated process.

We have loved our topic of Empire and slavery and I know the children are very disappointed that this has now come to an end.  We approached it with a local study bias as Bristol, our local city, was one of the main ports in England involved.  Without the trade of slaves and the wealth their work created, Bristol would be a very different city today.  Do take a look around you if you ever go into Bristol, you may be surprised to know how many of the buildings were built from money derived from slavery.  We will be continuing the theme of this topic next term when we will be learning all about the Windrush.

A difficult concept was explored in RE: Creation or science: conflicting or complementary?  We looked into a Christian understanding of the creation of our universe through the text Genesis 1 and compared this to the viewpoint of scientists such as Jennifer Wiseman who is also a Christian.  We soon understood that not all Christians have the same understanding or interpretation of Genesis 1 and we completed the unit sharing our own thoughts regarding the big question of the term.